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Household Expenses You Can Do Without

Mar 4th 2011 6:40PM I don't iron - don't even own one. I use fabric softener and if something wrinkles I throw the load in the dryer for 5 mins. I also buy permanent press. I don't consider myself a do-gooder advocating line drying. I do it for my self not to mention the freshness. Plus I no longer have $300 electric bills. My washer and dryer are in a laundry room with a door which is almost always open. I really don't care if my washer and dryer match - as long as they do what I bought them to do.

Household Expenses You Can Do Without

Mar 4th 2011 12:31PM I not only have a mis-matched washer in dryer, I also put up a clothesline. When I replaced my dead washer I replaced it with an energy efficient front loader which washes larger loads. I do laundry only when I have enough to make up full loads and by having the larger tub am not doing laundry as often. I use my dryer only in bad weather and hang my laundry out on the line. My electric bill dropped over half the 1st month. I use my dishwasher but I don't let it go into the dry cycle - I turn the timer to off, open the door and let them air dry. Electric bill dropped another 10 %. I keep my ceiling fans running and open windows until the really hot weather gets here, set my AC to 78 (I live in Fl.). I do have an above ground pool that helps keep us cool during the summer, but have a salt-water system so run my pump 6 hours at night. And I never run 2 large energy user appliancers at the same time. (I wash clothes early in the morning before the AC unit comes on, Dishwasher when nothing else is running usually at bedtime. But my electric bill is no longer my biggest expense. I can deal with a $150 - $175 electric bill in the peak of summer.

The Doggie Diaries - Should We Be Using a Dog Crate?

Jul 10th 2010 11:22PM We have 3 mini schnauzers and 4 toy poodles. All 7 are crate trained. All our dogs were trained to the crate when young pups, and today (2 - 8 years old) still sleep in their "dens" at night with the doors closed. Each crate has a cover made to cover 3 sides and the top and a comfortable bed creating their own individual rooms. During the day, all the crates are open and our 4 legged kids come and go all day long to rest, nap or just to escape. The only other time the doors are closed is when we have bad weather, where they stay calm and sleep through the storms. And we don't have to put them there, they - at the first clap of thunder - are heading for the safety of their rooms. We close the doors at that time and they never cry or whine to get out. I like knowing exactly where my dogs are at during the night or storms - you never know what may happen and in an emergency, I can get the crates out rather than wonder if they got out on their own or where they're at. Other than that, they have full run of the house.

Pavers Patio

Jun 19th 2010 9:11AM looks like work to me

Obama Plan to Make Cheaper Coins Criticized by Businesses

May 16th 2010 9:39PM OK - so changing the coins will save our country 100 million a year. Wonder what they'd spend the savings on - you know Washington will find some way to spend it there's just no way they could see fit to apply it to the national debt.

Facing a Long Shot Re-election Bid, Sen. Chris Dodd Folds His Cards

Jan 8th 2010 10:28AM Instead of complaining and moaning of what this administration is doing we are forgetting - they ALL WORK FOR US - WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - are the ones who put them in office - we need to keep reminding them that they work for us - the taxpayers. We have 3 years - we need to get busy NOW and find the candidates for the next elections. Don't wait until 2011 to find our next elected officials. We need to look ahead and start planning NOW. Find our new president NOW. We need to save our country - and this president and administration isn't interested in what WE-THE PEOPLE want. And no - I'm not a republican - I'm an independent!


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