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DIY Warrior: How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

Jul 4th 2010 6:46PM The air compressor is the way to go...unless you don't have one. I agree with someone else that said, "Have we become so stupid these days that we need step by step instructions for fan cleaning???!"

'Jersey Shore' Girls Get Charm School Makeover in Harper's Bazaar

Apr 17th 2010 12:12AM Unfortunately I have heard of the show and two "characters" from it, Snooky and the Situation. I have never seen the show nor ever plan to see it. I am bored and decided to post. Yea!

No income tax payments for nearly half of us!

Apr 9th 2010 3:02PM Several great comments on here. CSR, you need to come back to reality! "We should be in good shape in about two to three years." Earth to CSR....
Sadly, the passing of the Healthcare Bill has sent America into the abiss.

Undercover Boss Blows the Horn

Mar 15th 2010 10:01PM Hey, Del if you don't like your employer go find another job! I have worked for many company's in my past and when things got to where I didn't achieve what I wanted OR I was unhappy I found a new job. No one is holding a gun to your head telling you to go or stay so quit your "griping". You make your own destiny. Our employees are "allowed" to leave anytime they would like. Happy successful employees usually lead to a successful business. DUH!Why would anyone want their employees to be unhappy and miserable??? When we are successful our employees are all given bonuses but when the economy is tight guess who cuts back on their salaries and ZERO bonuses?? Yep, we do. The last thing we would want to do is cut anyone's salary or benny's.
Do you think businesses exist to solely please employers like you? We are all in business to make $. Go start a company or save your money and buy one then come back and tell me what you think with the constant pressure knowing everyone (employees) are counting on you! Not every business owner has an axe to grind or is on a power trip. BTW, we bought our company for "market value" it was not even close to being given to us!

Glass Ceiling Is Still Solid -- Especially if You Have an MBA

Mar 15th 2010 4:51PM We own a ranch and I certainly can't wait for my husband to do all the heavy lifting! LOL My saddles only weigh 35lbs and bales of hay (square) can weigh 60-75lbs. Obviously my husband is physically stronger than me but as a woman you actually have to think of ways to menuever things like hay bales on the top of the stack. Tie a rope to the twine around the bale and then tie the other end to the four-wheeler. I'm not a tiny woman but (5'4 138lbs)I am no lard! =)
I was a pharma rep and I know that my company paid for experience and we all (men & women) discussed our salaries and we all got paid the same by $1000K or less. If I wanted more I worked harder for my bonuses. I think everyone should be paid the same all things considered.

Undercover Boss Blows the Horn

Mar 15th 2010 4:37PM Those of you commenting that these "Big Wigs" should pay more make me sick. If you want to make more money in life get a higher education and WORK FOR IT! Yes, some people inherit their businesses and others work their way up or both. I ask you to RUN a company and see how far you get. My parents had very, very little when they were married and my dad had to pay his way to college but he realized he hated working for someone else so he struggled and worked hard to start his own company and was rewarded but sometimes the years were lean. My husband and I bought the business from my parents, NOT GIVEN, and we have very happy employees because we treat them well and they do the same for us. Talk about walkind in someone elses shoes, try knowing that your decisions can make or break the company and in turn lose people their jobs!!!
The social environment that has been created in this country is a damn shame! Quit asking for more and more stuff, go out and make it happen and not in a damn union. Unions are and will be the fall of this great country! Check out all the EU countries and see how successful they are-NOT! My BIL is Spanish and in Spain most people won't work including him! He is 50 and has two teenage daughters and my sister is the only one that works, as a teacher. He is pitiful!

A Swift Backlash: Will Taylor's Album of the Year Grammy Hurt Her?

Feb 1st 2010 8:31PM Taylor Swift seems like a very nice young girl but I have always said that her vocals were horrible and I am not even talking about her live performances, I am talking recorded songs! I give her tons of credit for writing her own songs and playing the guitar but she CAN'T sing!!! She has one hell of a great management team that can promote such horrible talent and convince sooo many that she can, eh um, sing.
I grew up on country music and now I won't even listen to it because they consider someone like Taylor country. UGH! She is a pop singer along with most country singers (80%) today.
It's tough that people are ganging up on her and like I said before she can write and play guitar well, just please Taylor, what did you do with the money your parents' gave you for singing lessons?! LOL

In the Late Night Wars, Where Are the Women?

Jan 22nd 2010 5:48PM Chelsea Handler??? Give me a break! She can barely stay awake or should I say sober on her own show. I wouldn't mind seeing Ellen D. on a late night show, oh but A.I. already grabbed her up! Too bad for NBC. Leno wasn't too bad but it's the same old, same old. NBC, PLEASE do not get the racist George Lopez!

Spring Break: How Fannie & Freddie Will Bail Us Out

Jan 18th 2010 5:41PM Is this article a joke? Fannie and Freddie??? Holy sh*t, they are the reason America is in this housing mess! The dems screwed the ecomony while supporting F&F and it seems they are still at it today. We(rep.) MUST regain the house and senate and get this country back to work. Fannie and Freddie fix it? Now that is a nice euphemism! I'm sure Obama and his crew came up with this fantastic idea, you know his ability with HIGHER math and his economic intelligence? Give me a freakin break!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Saban Gets Hit in the Face by Gatorade Cooler, Remains Unfazed

Jan 8th 2010 7:45PM Oh the "cheating" excuse, huh? Poor loser Texas fan! I'm a Texas Tech alumnus and it doesn't surprise me, in the least, that Texas fans are calling foul. LMAO!!! Bama, y'all had a great game and you'd have beaten (not cheat) Texa whether Colt was in or not. At least the entire nation can see what we have to deal with here in our state and the Big XII...Most Texas fans are crybabys, it's just a fact of life. Ask them about our win against them in 2008 and they will deny that game as though it didn't count! 39-33 too bad Bevo!


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