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Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours

Nov 24th 2011 7:29AM Here is the solution. You know the little thing you have to put your carry on in to see if it will fit safely into the overhead bin?? Make one for PEOPLE. Everyone should have to sit in it, and there should be some "special" seats for the super obese OR the super tall folks. My poor son in 6'5 and cant fit in some planes, the seats in front of him are rammed into his knees to the point where he is stuck!

Mila Kunis | Fashion With Benefits

Jul 23rd 2011 6:52AM @Rich&Desipoo.............SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooo tired of jerks like you saying that woman are "fat"!! I think its because you are closet gays who want women to look like MEN in order for you to get it up!! GO AWAY and come out of the closet you jerks! Mila is a knockout.

Paparazzi Shorts: Stars In Their Favorite Denim Cutoffs

Jun 28th 2011 7:00AM OMG!! The two pics after Jessica made me want to PUKE! Those poor, poor souls who think that they need to be skeletal to be attractive!! I bet they have even stopped having periods! Jesus, would our society PLEASE STOP showing women as skeletons???!!!

Our Favorite DIY Projects from the ReadyMade 100

May 16th 2011 6:17AM Is that scottie dog from Anstamn kennels???? He is gorgeous!!

Carol Alt: Can a Woman Over 40 Be a Model?

Mar 12th 2011 6:26AM Im 47, and people all the time think Im in my late 20's!! Its weird. Im 6'0, around 170, never smoked, drink beer and eat faily healthy. I think a lot of it is a state of mind.....if you didnt KNOW your age, how old would you ACT?

Michael Vick Named AP's NFL Comeback Player of the Year

Feb 6th 2011 7:24AM I want to vomit. He is the lowest form of SCUM. He should be electrocuted, beaten, tied to a pole and raped (up the butt) and all the other horrid things that he did to those poor dogs. I hope he gets testicular cancer.

Caring for Your Aging Cat - 9 Common Issues You Should Know About

Dec 11th 2010 6:51AM God bless you for your kindness to your kitty (and Grandson!). There is so much cruelty and hatred in todays world and your comment warmed my heart!

Family Confirms Tabloid Reports That Aretha Franklin Is Suffering From Cancer

Dec 9th 2010 5:46AM Aretha,
You are in my prayers...GOD I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

Please let the friggin papparazzia a**holes leave you alone. The way they chased Patrick Swayze (RIP) made me furious. You should be allowed to recover in peace not constantly worrying about your appearence or whatever. Im praying for you. Love you girl!!

Tesla takes a tip from BMW, creates psychedelic Roadster art car

Dec 8th 2010 5:55AM I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was planning to paint my VW Passat in a similar fashion.....great car but BORING......Then my dad surprised me with a new Merc!! Cant paint that one!

Chaz Ebert on Roger's Health: 'Hope Is a Strategy'

Apr 20th 2010 7:01AM You guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love Mr Ebery, always have. Im a native Chicagoin and wouldnt dream of seeing a movie he didnt like....His wife Chaz is a wonder of strength, love and kindness. What they share is what marriage is SUPPOSED to are in it together for the long run, no matter what (with the exeption of abuse). Love you guys!!


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