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DIY Gift Wrap: Think Outside the Box

Dec 18th 2010 12:19AM aluminum foil makes a great gift wrap!

Flint Creek Range Retreat, Estate of the Day

Oct 30th 2010 8:50PM Photoshopped..look at pic 8 and 10... house/no house. Still, is beautiful.

Parents, Wake Up -- 'Educational' Videos for Babies Don't Work

Mar 10th 2010 11:59AM Are you kidding me! NEVER GIVE UP!!! Try something different..change the setting/atmosphere, lesson, game, time of day. Try to make things fun and interesting so your child is curious and wants to learn. Even shopping can be a learning experience. Music is a wonderful tool. Try introducing instruments, even things you can make out of everyday items. BE CREATIVE! HAVE FUN! And most of all, praise GOD that you have been blessed with one of his children. I know a child with a learning disability can be a challenge, but with GOD's help all things are possible.

The Worst French Fries in America

Feb 28th 2010 1:37PM ok, so eat what you will, get sick, and who pick up the bill???? Everyone, the tax payers.. one more reason the economy is in the shape it is. So yes, the/we government should be telling you what to eat! Save yourself and my pocketbook!

Venus' Baring Act? 'Just an Illusion'

Jan 25th 2010 12:04PM I think this is a manipulative move on her part.. a distraction for the other player. got game?

Harajuku Lovers Perfume Giveaway

Jan 13th 2010 10:33PM Gwen is an ambitious, goal driven woman/mother with talent, style and grace who seems to balance it all!


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