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Sexy Earbuds - 18k Gold and Bullet Casing

Jun 12th 2010 8:53PM i'd like that, sounds cool, im all for the 2'nd ammendment

Hannah Altman: The 9-Year-Old CEO

Jun 9th 2010 2:52PM so true, **** foriners, making America not as nice, lets do what there diong to us and ruin their lives

Hannah Altman: The 9-Year-Old CEO

Jun 9th 2010 2:49PM whats wrong with child labor, i mean, its not good to force it on someone, but if an 8 year old wants to get a job, he/she should be allowed to if they want, i wanted a job at age 7, and now at age 15, i STILL cant get a good job

Prime and Paint Wood Paneling

Apr 27th 2010 3:46PM i like wood paneling better than paint, depending on the room anyways, but i dont know why people dont like it, and that one guy is right, its not paneling

A Month of Pizza Recipe Ideas

Apr 27th 2010 3:40PM i like normal delivary pizza hut

Students Punished With Paddling, Suspension for Prom Dresses

Apr 27th 2010 3:36PM its about time kids got paddled, i'm a freshman at a magnet highschool, and the lack of dissapline is appauling, most kids you cant get through with todays liberal punishment system, the only way depending on the pffence, is corpral punishment, we shouldent change the way things weree done in the 50's, the kids from that era turned out fine, in fact, everything was perfect during the 50's

Detroit 2010: Transportation Secretary LaHood ponders another round of cash-for-clunkers

Jan 15th 2010 5:39PM pointless program, global warming is a mith and its a waste of money that should be going to build a wall on the mexican-amarican border!


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