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The Daily Fix: Rescue Anything from Your P-Trap

Feb 21st 2010 11:19AM My good friend Owen had a pet fish named Gefilte.
While changing his bowl water, Gefilte jumped out
and down the drain. Owen tried the P-trap recovery
process but Gefilte was a goner. Gefilte II is alive
and well and the drain is plugged when he's being

Movie Icon Jean Simmons Dies at 80

Jan 23rd 2010 9:51PM As a young boy I was transfixed by this tempting young lady in Great Expectations (Estella). She was just about 16 (I was 13) when she looked from the screen said to Pip (me) "You may kiss me if you like." After Expectations, she starred in many of my young dreams. Jean Simmons continued to be a great actress in every role she played. Alas, I never got my kiss.


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