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Low Mortgage Rates Are Great -- But Most Can't Qualify

Sep 12th 2011 5:13PM To Spugadiccio... I had a similar experience when i tried to refinance. I think that they figure "If he can afford $2400, which is more money for us, why give him a refi?".

Compare and Contrast: Snuggie vs. Slanket in a Battle of the Wearable Blankets

Jan 11th 2011 10:56PM i thought that was the dummest idea ever. first thing to mind after seeing the commercial should be bath robe.

The Daily Fix: Replace Your Vacuum Cleaner's Drive Belt

Sep 10th 2010 9:26PM could not have said it better myself...basic, basic, basic

Early tax filing tips: 8 ways to make tax season less painful

Jan 24th 2010 11:36PM irs is apart of the treasury and is NOT located in puerto rico..look at wikipedia to learn more (where is the irs located)


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