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Please Tip Your Waiter!

Mar 18th 2010 8:59PM I like the system as is and speak from a good amount of experience. I have always been tipped well from the stand point that I provide MORE than what is anticipated at the table due to the fact that I ENJOY my profession, CARE about the QUALITY of the product and the experience with the typical customer being appreciative of what was provided in a GENUINE manner.

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many professions each of which I feel I was recognized as one of the best functioning above standard expectancy FOR THE EXACT SAME RATIONAL as mentioned in regard to the restaurant serving postion where wage was consistently $2.13/ hour.

I am an adverage person who does find the service industry rewarding; I know there are many other persons who function as I do and feel what I feel regarding their profession[s] who are not, for whatever reason, actively involved in pooring their thoughts out to others commenting and reading. I hope, as I suspect I do, speak for many and am proud to do so.

I am unemployed since 7/09 from a restaurant where I lived with my restaurant employee, customer, management, food broker and maintainace FAMILY for years. The time pasted slowly and sometimes quickly but I had a good time and it was evident and my intuitive effort was rewarded appropriately.

I would not want that to change and feel my clientelle would make the same choice feeling the substance of the traditional system was "fair and good" for ALL concerned.



In the Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Flooring

Feb 24th 2010 2:32PM I wonder if the bamboo is harvested in areas where the Pandas depend on the plant for sustanance...............any confirmation of lack thereof....

Travel Advice: Five ways to cope with bad restaurant service

Jan 27th 2010 10:37PM I served at a good quality restaurant in Louisville, Ky. where I was often proud of what I earned..............and sometimes not.
Each evening seemed to all come to a balance.
I feel a person knows whether they perform well and whether the reward is justifiable regardless of obstacles in the front of the house, back of the house, customer relations, locale, management, inability to meet need, personal friction or a multitude of unforeseeable events.
The evening will eventually end, the dining room will be vacant and the kitchen will be cleaned and everyone will go to their perspective environments.
Everyday comes and goes until we stop going. What is the consideration if we end our time after time, day after day in a pleasant, peaceful and contented manner? We can earn our share from those who are appreciative of the consideration the WHOLE combined effort; we pay our debts and have enough left for a small treat for ouselves or others.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to always provide execellent or even good service due any combination of factors but we can always try to please beyond the mistakes we or one of our co-workers make which affects our ability to please everyone involved, but we can still try to go beyond reaching for the customer's benefit to the end of the meal and the end of the day hoping for a pleasant outcome to the evening.
I am an eternal optomist. I am a good server. I am considerate, level and as balanced as I possibly can be most of the time. I am not perfect and have never reached that plateau but I can try and will continue to do so.
When I reflect on my past and present I feel that trying is one reason I can say that I am balanced and happy most of the time. I feel I can affect others mood even when they arrive unbalanced with unrealistic demands; I still try to guide them to a realistic and pleasant end-experience with an appropriate financial response from them to me and the establishment with which I am involved.
I hope to see most guests return for another pleasant, relaxed and mutually rewarding experience.


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