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Calorie Camera: Should Children's Lunch Choices be Recorded?

May 17th 2011 10:16PM I love Jamie... he's so right. It's about serving whole, unprocessed foods. The slow food movement needs to come to schools too.

Try This: How Do You Deal With Nightmares and Monsters Under the Bed?

Feb 27th 2011 8:28PM monster spray doesn't kill monsters.... we shouldn't kill things... monster spray keeps monsters away, just like mosquito spray.

See :)

We had a lavendar spray that also helped because lavendar aids sleep...

Target Opening New Stores

Jan 16th 2011 9:06AM They "expanded" our local Target to include groceries. It's now HORRIBLE to go to.... very long lines at check out, all the original merchandise is shoved into the middle of the store. I am not a Walmart shopper, but Meijer is getting more and more of my business these days because they have an excellent selection, better prices, a roomy store and LOTS of checkout lines! Target got stupid and greedy.

Spontaneous Treat for Kate's 'Plus 8' Ends in (Literal) Meltdown (VIDEO)

Aug 31st 2010 7:56PM She shoved the little boy into his seat! Wow... TLC needs to stop this immediately.

The Daily Fix: Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Jul 21st 2010 9:23PM I've been using the red wine trick for ages... never needed the saran wrap because the little buggers just got drunk and drowned themselves!

TLC Renews 'L.A. Ink'

Apr 29th 2010 9:45PM I'm hooked on her eyeshadow! Thanks Kat.... it stays on all day!!!

You rock!

The Ending We Needed: Phil and Amy, Hugging

Apr 12th 2010 7:34AM Too bad Phil doesn't drop the unholy alliance with his Mobil-Exxon sponsporship. When that happens, he might be the guy you all admire so much. Talk about sleeping with a devil.

Heidi Montag Sits Poolside in Tiny Bikini

Apr 11th 2010 2:35PM OMG... those look painful! Why would anyone do that to herself???

10 Life Lessons Learned From Nicholas Sparks Movies

Apr 3rd 2010 9:52AM I completely agree! I "forgot" and bought Nights in Rodanthe and was ticked that I wasted the money. Give me Nora Roberts.

Bethenny Frankel Tying the Knot 'Before Baby Comes'

Mar 11th 2010 6:49PM Yay! I'm glad for her -- she's going to have all that she's been hoping for! Countess Classless continues to show she needs to read her own book!


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