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Make a USB color changing light

Jan 25th 2008 11:25PM Nice job! Well documented.


Nov 25th 2006 4:48PM Someone is having a nice relaxing day :)

Sun's Project Blackbox -- datacenter in a container

Oct 18th 2006 2:00AM Looks cool but I don't want to know the price tag!

New Gryphon Mirage amp brings ultra-hifi to the "people"

Oct 15th 2006 3:17AM Wow the price is outrageous, but hey it looks like a transformer so it must be good. :)

Sony confirms PS3 controller redesign

Mar 22nd 2006 9:46PM Could you imagine if it was the one in the picture. Massive hand cramps in about 5 minutes, loss of finger movement in 10... The games would be endurance not skill :)

How-To: Make a surface mount soldering iron

Mar 7th 2006 9:04PM Great idea! Cheap to build too :)

Man builds 60-foot tower to nab some wireless broadband

Mar 3rd 2006 12:03PM "It's 14,000 lbs. Canadian. That's like 1400 lbs. American."

That is too funny... Hold on I am Canadian.

The Whiskey PC

Feb 6th 2006 3:53AM Nice build!

Easy-Glider drags you along while keeping it green

Feb 5th 2006 2:26AM Great idea, but I think they are going to have a hard time selling them at that price! Over $1000 seems very pricy to me...

Model jet gets all Top Gun

Feb 4th 2006 2:21AM Great plane! The sound quality was very poor though. I wonder if there is a site that has the details of the build? I would like to read more details about it...


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