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The Dangers of Laundry Detergent Overload

Feb 7th 2010 3:36AM HOLY COW!!!!! I purchased an HE Whirlpool 2.5 years ago. We are a family of 8. Laundry room is right off the kitchen. 2 years ago it smelled like a dead body during the wash cycle....honestly, we were ALL gagging. Appliance repair person came in....diagnosed us w/ too much HE detergent. Per the repair guy... I had to spray Tilex Mold/Mildew through the tiny holes in the barrel. (I took a brake every 20 seconds to breathe in the next room) I then added in as much Chlorox bleach as possible and ran the cycle through the Sanitary cycle. It worked like a charm. I now run the Sanitary cycle once per week and pump in bleach. I have cut back on HE detergent to the directions but it still seems like too much.


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