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Music for the mother-son dance

Jul 24th 2008 12:17PM What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it. My husband's very shy about dancing, so rather than that big extended ordeal, we didn't do any of them at all. This would have been a good compromise.

Could you cater your own wedding?

Jul 19th 2008 3:33PM Oh, that sounds absolutely lovely!

There is no question in my mind -- and you've just proven the point -- that a hard-working and creative family couldn't pull it off. Could the bride and groom alone manage it? I doubt it.

(Do you have any more children you plan to marry off? Could I come?? I'll even help out in the kitchen. I can sew, too...)

BAD project idea: cell phone popcorn

Jun 24th 2008 10:07PM I stand corrected. You are all right, of course: microwaves are not radioactive. Surprisingly, I did pass physics in high school, but I haven't had much to do with it since... As shows in this article, huh?

Off I go to read the Wikipedia article!

Junk-ify your bike to throw thieves off the trail

Jun 23rd 2008 7:44PM My husband bought a high quality but obviously used bike in excellent condition from a pawn shop. Paid about a quarter of what he would for the same bike new, and he is 100% convinced that the reason he still has it four years later is that it's always looked a little battered. Your average bike thief (i.e. stupid teenager, he figures) is not going to look past the surface.

So maybe, rather than pay full ticket to trash a good bike, the secret is to purchase a quality used bike -- a fraction of the price and every bit as safe and secure!

No-dig, low-water garden

Jun 20th 2008 5:46PM Rain barrel! What a great thought! Wish I'd thought to add a line about that possibility. Thanks for the tip.

From what I've heard about Georgia gardening, another advantage of this type of garden for you would be that you wouldn't be having to try to till that heavy Georgia clay.

Variations on a theme: A B&B wedding

Dec 6th 2007 7:16AM Quite right! I guess I could have included a line to that effect in the final paragraph. Just like anything else in this world, B&B's come in the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Would someone *really* hire one without first going to check it out? None of the smart reader of THIS web site, I'm sure!)

My proposal story

Nov 26th 2007 9:24AM This is such a well-written post, it's making me smile yet again, the third time I've read it. And yes, I've read it THREE times, because it's a nice story, so beautifully told. Nice work.

Favor file: Treat your guests to a fabulous candy buffet

Nov 25th 2007 8:00PM Here's an idea for inexpensive and readily-available scoops: children's sand shovels. Go to your local toy store, and I'll bet you can find some in the right size and shape -- and they'll be almost as bright as the candy!

What kind of guy will you fall for?

Nov 21st 2007 7:06PM I got the gentleman, too. But Prince William? He's a handsome lad, but I think I'll let my daughter date him...

Nine questions for the videographer

Nov 20th 2007 10:25AM Ryaninc - Thanks for the input. Obviously, I can only go on the information I received from someone whose credentials seemed sound! As a practicing professional, you know this to be false. Thanks for the correction.


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