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Mosquito Prevention: The 10 Most Bizarre Tips

May 31st 2011 5:35PM I understand that the air not only blows them away, but also dissipates the scent coming off us that attracts them in the first place. I do know that it works. We put an outdoor fan on our deck last year and had no problems with bugs at all.

Amazon Review Pranks - A Field Guide

Jul 22nd 2010 4:37PM The best part of these products is the "People who viewed this also viewed these..."

Cheap Trick: Clean a Baked-On Mess the Easy Way

Feb 11th 2010 6:27PM Thought of this tip while trying to clean baked-on goo today and reached instead for the nearby hand lotion, figuring it was supposed to soften things, too. Voila! It worked great!


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