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10 Best Coen Brothers Characters: The Dude, Barton Fink and Other Classic Roles

Dec 25th 2010 11:57AM The John Wayne version of "True Grit" gutted and sanitized Portis' story and made it into nothing but a mediocre good-guy/bad-guy vehicle for Wayne's usual onscreen persona. The book, as Charles Portis wrote it, is a rich and often disturbing tale of good and evil in a land where everyone with a gun is his own law, The book deserved better treatment than Wayne gave it, and I can't think of anyone better suited to bring out the subtleties than the Coens.

The 8 most annoying ad mascots on TV today

Aug 16th 2010 10:55AM I have to disagree about Burger King, who's obviously intended to be a self-mocking parody of the whole overly-wholesome, cute & likable mascot-spokesperson. He's like the anti-Ronald McDonald--artificial, creepy, intentionally bogus.

On the other hand, Quizno's really needs to dump their advertising agency. Not only have they come up with one gag-inducing mascot after another--mascots who can only be described as "verminous"-- but their food photography is some of the most unappetizing I've ever seen (check out Red Lobster to see how it should be done.)

Plus, add the unadorable Charmin Bear Family with the toilet paper stuck to their behinds to the list. You can make animals as cute and fuzzy as you like and use all the pastels in the world, but those commercials are still cringeworthy.

'Catch' Carries On Without Captain

Jul 28th 2010 12:21PM We all loved Capt. Phil, but the show is called, "Deadliest Catch" and not "The Captain Phil Show." What makes the show so great is that it shows the struggle and heroism inherent in everyday working life, and it fascinates us to see how different people cope. Dealing with loss and death is part of that. Capt. Phil was a strong character and a wonderful guy, but I can't believe there isn't another skipper who doesn't deserve a chance to have his story told as well.

What is "Sustainable" Seafood?

Apr 18th 2010 5:59PM Yeah, that's the real problem. Too many mouths chasing too little food. Factory-fishing with trawl nets has destroyed entire populations of wild fish, tearing up the ocean floor and raping the seas. International treaties are ignored, quotas disregarded. The whole new England fishing industry has collapsed.

And they're warning us to only buy pole-caught tuna? As if we have a choice?

Watch a Few Scenes from 'Star Wars: Uncut'

Apr 18th 2010 5:39PM Are you kidding?? This was hysterical!!! The paper-bag hand-puppet clip itself was worth the price of admission.

But then, for me, the idea that some people are so obsessed with this movie that they have to act out their own versions is just mind-boggling in itself.

FDA Reviewing Safety of Antibacterial Soap Ingredient

Apr 17th 2010 3:00AM Americans are germophobic. Our problem is not that our kids are exposed to too many germs; it's that they're exposed to TOO FEW and therefore never develop the natural internal ecology that matches the real world. With our germicides and sanitizers we create an artificially sterile environment that doesn't let childrens' bodies adapt to the naturally occurring bacteria that are always out there, 99% of which are entirely harmless.

It's been proven that kids who grow up in less-than sterile houses, and even eat a little dirt now and then (Horrors!), are much healthier in the long run than those raised in semi-sterile conditions.

All this sudden appearance on germicidal cleaners came about when it was shown that a common class of cleaners used in almost everything -- the quat ammonium soaps -- had germicidal properties. As soon as that was discovered, the advertisers ramped up their campaign and suddenly "germs" were public enemy #1. Now everything sanitizes, for no good purpose whatsoever.

By the way, the best overall general bactericide is a cup of laundry bleach in a bucket of water. That kills everything.

Gorillaz Slammed by Anti-Smoking Charity

Mar 24th 2010 9:14AM "...cet casterated [sic] and have your ovaries yanked cause [sic] you should be out of the gene pool,[sic] your [sic] not smart enough to raise children"

But you are, huh?

Health care bill passes, puts benefits in reach for millions of people

Mar 22nd 2010 12:07PM You know, most places have laws that require anyone who wants to drive to purchase insurance. I don't hear anyone screaming, "Communism!" because of those laws.

The idea in this bill is basically the same. You have to have health insurance because it keeps the paying public from getting stuck with your bills in the form of rising medical costs and fees. It's far cheaper for us to chip in and pay the premiums for the uninsured than it is for us to pay their hospital bills when they finally get sick.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Health care bill passes, puts benefits in reach for millions of people

Mar 22nd 2010 12:03PM "The Majority of "We the People" don't want this in EVERY poll taken, but the Demo-Maoists don't care. They will be sorry."

Polls also show that the vast majority of people being polled had no blessed idea of what was in the bill. (Do you?)

When you ask them if they're in favor of the changes actually spelled out in the bill, the majority of Americans are all for it.

You know, most places have laws requiring anyone who wants to drive to purchase insurance. I don't hear anyone screaming "Socialism!" because of them. The idea's the same: to protect the public from having to foot the bills of the uninsured, which are always much much higher than the cost of paying their insurance premiums.

Health care bill passes, puts benefits in reach for millions of people

Mar 22nd 2010 11:57AM Illegal aliens already get free health care and we already pay for it--the hard way.

Under present law, anyone showing up at an emergency room has to be treated, which makes ER's the treatment of choice for illegals. ER care is also far and away the most expensive type of medical care, something like 3,000 times more expensive than early intervention.

So the illegal gets treated. And when he disappears and sticks the hospital with the bill, who do you think ends up paying for it? Guess. The hospital raises its rates for those who *can* pay (you and me), and the insurance companies add insult to injury by raising their premiums to cover rising hospital costs.

So you're already paying for the illegals.

If we could encourage early treatment among illegals--if a $50 visit to a doctor for some meds to control high blood pressure could prevent a $50,000 visit to the ER with a coronary infarct, then I say it's money well spent.


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