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The Daily Fix: Rescue Anything from Your P-Trap

Feb 16th 2010 9:19AM Try this...

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, set the vacuum up for wet usage and then put the hose over the drain while the vacuum is running. It will suck the water out of the trap and usually the lost item along with it. If a second try is needed, pour a cup of water into the drain and then try again. The water seems to help lift the lost item better than just air.

A warning is in order here. the trap usually contains some rather nasty accumulations of hair, soap scum, toothpaste residue and other unpleasant debris. Also, the once the trap is empty, there is nothing to keep the gasses from the sewer from flowing back into the house so once the vacuum has done its job, you should pour a cup of water into the trap to prevent this from happening.

If you can remove the "stopper" from the drain before trying this, it improves your odds of this working.

In the event that you can not recover the lost item using this technique, you can still dismantle the "p-trap" as suggested in the article.

Good luck!


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