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Home Ec: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Feb 18th 2010 3:05PM Sorry to hear about your septic. I have used fels-naptha soap for years on my grass and shrubs, to kill bugs...

take a small sause pan grate 1/2 of the fels-naptha bar soap into the pan add 1 cup of water boil when it is disolved put in a clean milk jug

then using same sause pan put in one cup of water and a can of chewing tobacco put the tobacco into a knee high and tie end. bring to a boil, remove from heat let it stew like you would tea, when cooled squeeze out all the tobacco juice into the pan. add to the fels-naptha jug.

then take 1 cup of lemon dish soap add to jug
and 1 cup of listerine add to jug.
and cap and lightly shake to mix it all together.

this should be equal parts if the fels naptha boils down to 3/4 of a cup then use 3/4 a cup of the rest.

add 1/2 of a cup of this mixture from the jug to a sprayer container that hooks to your hose (found in garden centers) set on lowest setting and turn hose on and spay away. the lemon dish soap and the tobacco make the bug smell bad and the mate wont be let it back into the nest. the fels-naptha and listerine mess up their sex parts so they can't reproduce.

my daughter had leukemia we believe was caused by no pest strips. (not sticky fly paper)
(parenting magazine march 1995 study done at denver children's hospital, 253 ill children with leukemia 248 had these things hanging in or around their home, 243 well children none had the no pest strips hanging in or around their home)

i have used this mixture for years, safe around pets and my children. made my juniper bushes look so green, didn't kill the lawn or trees, kept the bugs away from my children with out chemicals.

have you had your soil tested at the county extension office? take a sample in they may be able to tell you what is killing your lawn.


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