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Mark Savage

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Fireplace Heating Myths Debunked

Feb 11th 2011 3:59AM

as a former exterminator many years ago, we did run into big problems with people storing wood next to or against the structure of the house itself; I always recommended them storing wood at least 25 to 50 feet from the house, or on a concrete garage floor with plastic under it; also sprayed with insecticide for good measure -- but be careful with insecticide in an enclosed garage.
One customer jokingly told me years ago that he did keep some old wood about 100 feet from his house, to let the termites have at it and he'd stack his better wood safely on a metal rack ( the wood was about six inches off the ground ) in his garage with plastic under it and kept a good eye on it. I've seen termites under homes less than six months old that had upright mounds and mud tubes directly attached to the floor joists; so, whatever you do, if you're going to store wood close to your house ( never against it ), always be vigilant in keeping an eye out for not just termites, but wood boring beetles and other bugs that love to get under the bark of the wood; splitting wood enough often causes the bark to fall off ( if well seasoned ) and with the bark off, you'll be able to better observe your wood for insect infestation before bringing it inside. Having got bit by a brown recluse and enduring a big gash down the leg to let it drain ( and a 7,000 plus hospital bill ), please be careful to watch out for those and black widow spiders ( got bit by one of those while a preteen, so I've had my share of painful spider bites ) for they love dark hiding places, with the black widow being more prevalent here. Either way, be careful of the insects that often hide between the bark and wood; if the wood isn't seasoned, the bark will stay more attached and they'll be less chance of spiders or other misc. insects hiding between the wood and bark, but then you run into newer wood that's not seasoned. Just be careful, for I wouldn't want anyone going through the hell I went through with that brown recluse spider bite. It was very ugly, and when I was admitted to the hospital, I could hardly put my foot on the floor without almost screaming the pain was bad, hot and swollen. Just something you all might want to watch out for. God bless, M. Savage, Lumberton, NC

Get the Best of Pests for Less? -- Savings Experiment

Feb 19th 2010 4:32AM Rachelvis,
thanks for your great post when you said: THIS COMPLAINT WAS SENT TO AOL ON 01-30-2010 7:21AM
Can you please get rid of the people trying to take over our comment boards with dating ads & treating our boards like its the craigs list. I mean are you listening to us out here, we complain all the time but nothing is done, I pressed the report button 40 times to see what would happen, and nothing happened, so unexceptable. please get these scammers off our comment boards, they are annoying and completely mess up our conversations between AOL users because they are selling items or trying to advertise something, and it interfers with the subject matter. so please again AOL stop these scammers. you see them, we report them, so whats the problem??? I am also going to put this on every message board so AOL users know its been reported to you.
I've hit the report button so many times I'm wondering if there is anyone even listening to us; maybe if everyone who read these comment sections would hit the report button on these spammers, maybe aol would listen; the old saying: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," might apply here if others would be like us and report these spammers; I'd love to see AOL pull they're screen names from service, but its obvious AOL is desperate for customers by allowing these spammers and they're free ads which are beyond annoying; I'd never click on they're links, let alone buy anything from them. AOL, you need to take notice that so many of us are fed up with these spammers. Will others please start reporting these spammers and writing aol about this? Mark Savage, Lumberton, NC

Get the Best of Pests for Less? -- Savings Experiment

Feb 19th 2010 4:15AM agree with you 100% jennifer; aol doesn't seem to do anything about these spammers; wish others would report them as we do. Take care and keep reporting them and never buy anything from these spammers who greatly annoy us.
Mark Savage


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