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Gabrielle Favata

Gabrielle Favata

Member Since Feb 21st, 2010

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Summer Trends -- What Turns Guys On, and What Flummoxes Us

Jun 30th 2010 8:35AM so true regarding they babydoll dress. I was vacationing in Punta Cana 7 years ago. And we were at Manti park and a lady working there asked me when the baby was due. Let' just say that was the first/last time I ever wore that dress. That dress never returned to the states. And I was not FAT!

The Daily Fix: Rescue Anything from Your P-Trap

Feb 21st 2010 10:20AM Last year while putting in my gas permeable contact lenses in - I dropped one down the drain. I became frantic ...But I was very lucky because my husband was home. And he told me that it was probably stuck in the p-trap. He was able to recover my contact - but there was so much gunk that came out. After disinfecting the lenses I was able to wear it again. Thank God!!!!


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