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Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander

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The Daily Fix: Replace a Broken Tile

Feb 21st 2010 11:03AM I don't know where this author got their info on tile repair, but if someone did things the way they said they could open a huge can of worms. Before attempting a tile repair all the grout needs to be removed otherwise the force of breaking out the tile can transfer into adjacent tiles and chip them. Also in most situations the thinset behind the tiles may not be scrapeable. It would need to be chisled out. Also, the author suggests using adhesive. I suggest finding out what your tile is set over, what kind of tile it is, and where it is being used and then talk to a professional to see if adhesive is okay or if you need to use thinset, which is impervious to water. Also, if you wait for grout to get tacky, which it never will, it will have set up so hard that you may not be able to get it off the tile. Also instead of using various grouts on a sample, why don't we suggest that the homeowner get a paper grout sample page and match it up next to their grout to find the best match. The author shouldn't put themselves out there as a tile expert in order to sell things. He or she may be totally screwing over some unwary homeowners.


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