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Idaho's Empty Governor's Mansion a Thorn in Residents' Sides

Oct 26th 2012 4:19PM Well, if it will please the Taxpayers, I can move in on the 1st. But PLEASE, don't call me Governor. If nominated, I refuse to run. If elected, I refuse to serve.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views

Oct 15th 2012 7:08AM Unbelievable how the filthy(not hygenically) rich expect the world and everything in it exists exclusively for their edification. Here, they are able to tell a guy what he can, or rather CAN'T build on HIS OWN PROPERTY....having succeeded at that unexplainable fete, they are then able to dictate weather or not his property should remain visually accessable for their pleasure.......GOVERNMENT IS WAY TO BIG, AND THUS INTRUSIVE.

'Gas Station' Mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., Called the Ugliest in America, Hits Market for $5.88 Million

Sep 5th 2012 6:50AM I'm impressed......I don't know about anyone else. That was a conglameration [sic] of niffty architectural ideas. I'm sure, once implemented, the house will drop to at least #10 on the list. I vote they hire you.

Inside Donald Trump's 757

Aug 19th 2011 3:24PM It's Donalds money. Let him spend it as he wishes. A FAR MORE INTERESTING "private plane story" would have been the one the US. GOVERNMENT GRANTS "PRIVATE PLANE BUYERS" who do business in the US., a ONE AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAK if the plane YOU BUY is one MANUFACTURED IN BRAZIL.........For those readers who thought "wealth redistribution" meant THEY would be the happy recipients of "money from the rich"........SURPRIZE!!!!! Obama was actually talking about something else entirely.........and it looks as if BRAZIL MADE HIS LIST........OBAMA in 2012 ??? NOT ON MY BALLOT!!!!!

Top ten most crowded islands in the world

Jul 9th 2011 2:52PM Why are these people allowed to push these so called "penny auctions" (btw are a rip off) their posts allowed not only to "go thru" but left up to lure the unsuspecting. But try to post something diametrically opposed to the hosts opinion OR politics.........and good luck ever seeing it posted. FYI.......$12.00 T-shirt AIN'T CHEAP.

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 4:59PM As everyone living in Florida knows, sooner or later you encounter a Palmetto Bug (aka Australian Cockroach). These things are inch or two, or bigger. Back in the 70's and 80's they made a spray that worked short burst and the "bug that ate Australia" was on his back and looking toward heaven. Of course, the EPA. stepped in an made the company change the formula.....NOW the stuff approved by the "watchdog" group, still has nasty chemicals in it, but instead of "one killer burst" to do away with said pretty much have to drown him with the "new and improved and safe for the environment" brand...trouble is, it's also safe for the pest. Unless he can't swim......AND THEY CAN !!!!!!

Bam Margera Mourns Loss of Ryan Dunn: 'It Shouldn't Have Been Him' (Video)

Jun 30th 2011 7:25PM @Llort: That's right genius....EVERYONE has to die sometime. But SOME deserve to GO SOONER than OTHERS. AND ON THAT BASIS....DUNN, BAM AND MOST OF THEIR CREW.....ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME.....LIVE LIKE AN IDIOT...AND....DIE LIKE AN IDIOT. These guys party as if it were their duty to do so.....Bam and Dunn both look 10 years older than they are...or WERE in Dunns' case. Bams' face is a dead (no pun intended)give away that he's an alcoholic.....and during his interview(?) which was hard to watch but impossible to listen to.....he was high on substances, other than Booze.....I'd bet my life on it. Maybe this incident will give them a clue that Dunn, Bam & SteveO getting ripped and going to rehab in the "nick of time" IS NOT a funny matter. Hopefully for the people that love these morons(their families NOT their fans)...Dunns death will be their "wake up call" BUT I DOUBT IT.

Bam Margera Mourns Loss of Ryan Dunn: 'It Shouldn't Have Been Him' (Video)

Jun 29th 2011 6:41PM HE IS STONED !!!!! At first, I just listened to this video. but then I decided to watch. Bam is doubt about it, he is stoned. I can't say if it's "oxy's" or Perc's and benzo's or even Heroin....but I know when someones high, and that boy is higher than high.

Bam Margera Mourns Loss of Ryan Dunn: 'It Shouldn't Have Been Him' (Video)

Jun 29th 2011 6:28PM Articulate, isn't he. A man in his 30's? Still speaking as a 10th grader who failed English. Anyone notice the puffy face of an Alcoholic on Bam ? Better slow down, fella. You could be the next tragedy. I realize they both made millions acting like irresponsible adolescents.......but I really thought it was just an act. Someone forgot to inform Bam. This is what happens to a kid whose parents "drop the ball". How many people reading this, can picture themselves walking into their parents bedroom in the middle of the night, sneaking quietly up to Dad as he sleeps......and smacking him repeatedly, head, chest, face and back....AND HARD....and expect to leave that room alive, let alone unpunished ? AND THAT'S just the beginning of the abuse heaped on this poor guy. The mother (referred to by all including Bam, as "Ape")whose constant screeching can be heard in the next county, escapes with only slightly less abuse from their favorite Son. I believe they have a second, but he must be adopted because he apparently has the good sense to avoid the limelight. I wasn't going to, but I've changed my mind....does ANYONE KNOW where they came up with the name, "Bam"? Please don't tell me it's a reference to the "Flintstones"......

Mariah Flaunts Beach Body for New Video

May 11th 2011 4:08PM Cuz at 40 she's got sooo much more skin to show.


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