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C. Marske

C. Marske

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Katie or Rosie? Maury Povich, New King of Daytime, Predicts Who Will Succeed

Jul 11th 2011 9:33AM You are the father! Haven't heard that in a long time! And then there's Man or Woman?? How funny. Some of the people Maury interviewed where mad and some really needed to prove their point. He had a lot of good shows and some that were really OUT THERE!

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 10:28AM My son has a family and lives in housing. Not free. They take it our of his check. They do not get money for food, that is for them to pay also.
My son has gone for help and they have help him with a budget. It is just sad that they have to PAY for a flight to come home to see their family for 2 weeks out of a year.

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 10:00AM It depends on your rank what you make. And also if you have a family to support. There is a lot to take into consideration here. Do not make it seem like they have the sweet life because they do not.

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 9:53AM Unbelievable. They are out there fighting for our freedom, our country and peace? My son is on his second stint over there and to come home in July, for a r and r thern right back to sleeping in a tent for a night ( maybe ) of rest. So he can get up and go out and be shot at, avoid mines in the sand and abunch of crazy people shooting at him. And to think he has to dig in his pocket for the money to come back home after what he is going through? I did not know this until today and THAT just is not right for any of our service people. They don't get paid much anyway. I am really shocked. Now I really understand why he is so worried about his family. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Sad that is what it is all about.

Kim Kardashian: I Am Not Pregnant!

Jun 1st 2011 3:05PM So What? Who Cares?

Wendy's Fries vs. McDonald's Fries: Taste Test

Apr 20th 2011 9:55PM I will take the McDonald fries anyday. The new Wendy's fries taste like they are made from instant potatos. Do not like them and will not order them again. Put Wendy's hamburgers and McD's fries together and you have a winning combination!

Lawsuit: Christina Aguilera's Hit Song Was Stolen

Mar 7th 2011 1:46PM Christina Aguilera's song has a beat and is a great song to dance to. The other one is not all that. And for sure they are not the same. Sad that some people can not hear the difference.

Bristol Palin Confirms She Will Run for Political Office

Feb 10th 2011 2:01PM You know they have already made a fool out of this girl with all the talk and praise of having sex and a baby and now they are talking that she could have a career in politics??!!??
The girl needs to get on birth control and then get a clue. She can not live under momma's skirt forever and she is not Qualified for the job!

Lady Gaga Considers Herself One of the 'Greatest Voices' in Music

Feb 10th 2011 1:50PM My goodness those are some awful looking picture's. That girl looks like she is about to die! Yikes!!

Candace Cameron Bure: Hollywood Had 'Nothing to Do' With Eating Issues

Jan 12th 2011 9:12AM Well J the first thing that I thought was that a lot of movies telll a story yes but most send a message and hopefully we learn something from the story.


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