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Pregnant Man Sheds Baby Weight, Shows Off New Bod

Jul 28th 2011 6:35PM I agree with previous commentors; Beatie isn't a man. He/she can look like a man and sound like a man but he/she still has female... plumbing and 2 x chromosomes. I'm glad he/she and his/her wife are happy and their children are obviously gorgeous and look happy and healthy. That's really all that matters. But what happens when the kids are older, when they look nothing like their adoptive mom? How are they going to explain that daddy is different? Also, his/her wife must be bi right? I don't mean to be weird, but it isn't just the appearance of being male or female that attracts a mate. Attraction is mostly hormonal. Is there any explanation from the couple about their relationship? They don't owe one to anyone, but I just wonder.

Losing a Breast in a Body-Obsessed Culture

Jun 6th 2010 8:43PM Dori,
This is a beautiful article.It's insightful,inspiring,and well written.I commend you for staying strong through it all.My grandmother(God rest her soul) had a mastectomy in her first battle with breast cancer which she won.The world is full of ideas about the way women should look and be shaped and weigh.If all women, young girls included, viewed their appearance the way you do i believe we all could be strong, happy people who are not afraid to be who we are.Thankyou, Dori.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 4:34PM Well, if you do get bitten, i have remedy for the itch.Dab some vineigar on the offending bite(sure doesn't smell very good but it works).Baking soda and lemon juice works for both funtions i have been told but i've only ever used it for a remedy.Have a great summer!!

HS Basketball Star Actually 22 Years Old, Arrested as Imposter

May 13th 2010 7:36PM This made me think "The Blind Side" (which by the way was a great movie!LOL)THis is just an all out odd case.But the question alot of people are asking is why?Why go to the trouble?And how could a hatian national get a visa to come to the us and just drop off the face of the earth?There are ways to create an alias but i don't think he could have created one that thick!!Usually,you have to hire some guy who forges documents illegally for thousands.This school should be appologizing for not digging deeper!!It looks like strings were pulled to me.Upon application for ANY highschool, they ask for birth certificates or if he told them he was a n orphan, they would probly ask for his parents death certificates.How Does height say anything about age??My cousin was 6'7" and 14!!That's just how kids/teens are now a days!

Is Robert Pattinson a Movie Star or Just a Teen Idol?

Mar 24th 2010 3:58PM He's very talented and just so happens to be very good looking.Casting directors pick him because they know they will get major business from his fans.I think that if he picks the movies he wants to do,there should be no problem switching roles.Tyler is proof that he can totally take on different roles besides the brooding vampire we know and love.

Controversial 'Remember Me' Ending Dividing Critics and Audiences

Mar 15th 2010 9:27PM I loved rob in this film!He should do more comedies!His laugh and smile are contagious and his affections toward his sister are touching and show how flexible he is as an actor.The story was plausable for NY.I was shocked,however, by the end.But mostly,you feel horrible for his little sister that worships the ground he walks on.BUT,I noticed that the writer added something to make the story more complete.Tyler's last acts are taking his little sister to school and making love to his girlfriend.Tyler's life is made,like so many others' who lost their lives on 9/11/01.All together,this film is touching and the cast gave a great preformance.


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