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A House That's Only 1 Square Meter

Jul 10th 2012 6:32AM I can just see "one drunken night" and he ends up in the middle of some cow field with no idea how he got there or where he is or how to get back to his real house. Congratulations - on recreating the playhouse. Now for adults who refuse to grow up!

Plus Size Shapewear

Oct 31st 2011 9:51AM And this is how the corset comes back into fashion. Happened in the 1820's as well... At first, from the 1790's until the 1820's and really well into the 1830's, ladies wore what would look like to us as sports bras. They called them short stays. Then, the demand for longer stays took over. They weren't very tight -just enough to give you shape. By the time you get to the 1850's, everyone wore a corset. Of course, tight corsetting wasn't in vogue -really- until the 1870's/1880's when bustle fashions came along. The only reason women gave up the corset was due to the demand for metal during WWI. Anyone that has actually worn a corset will tell you they don't hurt -it's a total hollywood myth.

Etsy Q&A: Crafter regansbrain

Oct 17th 2011 3:28PM Although places like ETSY can be good for small businesses, they can also be horrible. Etsy has been boycotted many times due to their inability to enforce their own rules. While this may not affect the company much -they make their money off the sellers- it does affect sellers a great deal. Keep a back up website of your own. This way, if people like your items but not the site you are being hosted on -such as etsy, ebay, ect- they can still purchase from you.

Girl, 4, Faces Negligence Charges, Judge Gives Suit the OK

Dec 14th 2010 10:04AM If a tree falls on you, does your family sue the forest?

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

Nov 17th 2010 6:57AM Allow me to remind you of the fourth admendment which was made for this very reason: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

You are not secure in your person if you go through the airport. There is no warrant issued to search an particular person (which, by the way, anyone flying, demand to see the warrant) and the search is completely unreasonable. You do not search people that you do not believe have committed a crime. The entire process is an affront to the very backbone of our nation.

The reason for the fourth amendment was because British soldiers could stop anyone or suddenly go into anyone's house and demand to find things like explosives or "rebellious" propaganda at the time. What makes the TSA any different than the British soldiers over 200 hundred years ago?

The Ultimate 'Twilight' Trivia Quiz: Put Your Obsession to the Test!

Jun 25th 2010 2:24PM No, it still wouldn't make sense.

Vampire birth years:

Carlisle (1664?), Jasper (1863), Edward (1917), Alice(1920), Esme(1921), Rose(1933), Emmett(1935), Renesmee(2006), Bella (2006)

The Ultimate 'Twilight' Trivia Quiz: Put Your Obsession to the Test!

Jun 25th 2010 2:20PM Billy had diabetes. The paralysis was a side effect to that before he got it under control.

The Ultimate 'Twilight' Trivia Quiz: Put Your Obsession to the Test!

Jun 23rd 2010 2:46PM How hard is it to learn how to spell "Emmett"? It's in all four books and, yet, even in this quiz, people leave off the "T". Everytime you leave the "t" off of Emmett's name, he punches Bella's car. Save Bella's car, don't leave the "t" off.

Also, as others have pointed out how can Renesmee be born prior to Bella? And Renesmee is not even human, only part human.

Carlisle -most likely 1640 based on our current calendar (The British were still using the Julian calendar until the 18th century. This is part of the confusion as to when Carlisle was born. The other part is that the British celebrated the New Year on Lady Day or March 25. That means the year was from March 25 until March 24, not Jan 1 until Dec 31 as we know it now. You try figuring out your birthday if you were born in March proir to the adoption of the Greogrian calendar!)

Esme- 1895

Jasper -1843 (Texas was still independent then and didn't join the USA until 1845)

Alice -1901

Edward -1901

Rosalie -1915 (of the two, Rose is most likely a few months older than Em)

Emmett -1915

Bella - 1987

Dating Dilemma -- Should a Man Take the Curb Side of the Sidewalk?

Mar 16th 2010 6:34PM No, you are right about the sword. I'm not entirely sure where the author of the article received the urban legend information from (as well as the many mistakes in it! They did have soap and they did wash their hair. Portraits anyone?) but it just doesn't hold water.


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