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fred thomas

fred thomas

Member Since Mar 19th, 2010

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Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles We Want (But Can't Have)

Jul 6th 2010 3:18PM I just bought a Honda Hybred and love the gas miliage, perfect for running errands, they want to dangle the carrot and make us beg,,,to heck with them.

Major airlines commit to keeping carry-on luggage fee free - will not follow Spirit Airlines

Apr 19th 2010 6:09PM My wife and I flew not to long ago, some jerk took our overhead compartment and when I attempted to removed his crap from our compartment my wife was all scared that we would be labled terrorist if I started any crap so I held the bag in my lap for a 2 hour flight. When we landed Mr. J/O removed his bags (over 5 in all) from different compartments, I accidently triped him when he came bulling his way thur the aisle.

DIY Disaster Doctor: Staggering Staircase

Apr 13th 2010 6:19PM Just add Handrails.

Hillary Clinton Ups Her Style Quotient in Robert Marc Sunglasses

Mar 19th 2010 3:07PM With them great big bags under her eyes from old age she had to.


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