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How to Have Healthy Skin at Every Age

Jan 24th 2011 10:01PM Don't wait till you have wrinkles to start taking care of your skin. My mother is 70 and has been using good old fashion vaseline, yes the gel kind along with oil of olay and she has hardly any wrinkles. I have been using oil of olay since my twenties. I can't imagine vaseline not braking the skin out, but she insist that is all she uses. I have never seen her with any blemishes either. Also, you gals in your 20's that are smoking, be prepared to look like a dried up raisin in your 40's, and if you like that summer tan, when you get 40 it will look like leather.

Makeover Diaries: My Five-Day Glam Plan

Jul 2nd 2010 4:51PM Sounds like this article back fired, she looks perfectly fine on the left, especially if it cost $900. to get the look on the right. I'll vote left.

Whitney Houston: Continuing To Disappoint Fans Overseas As Speculation Over Weight Gain Ensues

Jun 11th 2010 3:33PM She never cared about her fans after BB, she was insulting to people, rude and didn't care even about her music. She ran out of money, hit bottom. She had a create voice, got mixed up with the wrong guy. It is ironic that Madonna wanted to play the lead role in Body Guard and Kevin Cosner, I believe his comment was he was looking for someone with more class. I hope the best for Whitney, but I wouldn't pay money to hear her sing.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 2:48PM I take a b1 vitamin about 45 minutes before going outside. Ten years ago a friend told me to try it and it works for me. We both are mosquito magnets, and not bothered at all.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 2:44PM Take a b1 vitamin about 45 minutes before you go outside. I have been using this method for 10 years and it works for me. Before that I was breakfast, lunch and dinner for mosquitos.

Healthy Magazine Admits to Airbrushing Skinny Model to Give Her Curves

May 18th 2010 4:49PM Kind of ironic that the name of the magazine is "Healthy", yet they pay someone who is obviously not, to be on the cover.

What Your Vet Thinks About Your Pet's Name - And About You

May 18th 2010 10:12AM My poodle is named after Eric Clapton song LAYLA, it was the unattainable goddess. Seemed appropriate since she is spayed. She also thinks she is the goddess and I'm her pillow.

Jennifer Aniston's Ball-and-Chain: Her Past

May 2nd 2010 10:05PM Kind of harsh, don't you think?

Jennifer Aniston's Ball-and-Chain: Her Past

May 2nd 2010 9:39PM She is an actress, no less or no more than Pitt or Jolie, living life just like all the rest of us. The only difference, in the tobloids. I don't think she's the greatest actor, but she is getting better and she has a sense of humor. Age has suited her well, for her ex and his mistress, they are not looking so well. Maybe some Karma? We all must live with the decisions and choices we make.


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