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Peanut Allergy Protest a 'Misunderstanding,' Florida School District Says

Mar 27th 2011 12:44PM as a person who is also allergic to nuts i understand what this family is going through, but i also have four children of my own and to try to ban everything nut related is very difficult. one of the best things they have started making and trying to get in our school systems is soy based peanut butter. it has no nuts in it what so ever but from what my kids say it tastes just like real peanut butter. so for all the parents who are complaining that their children can no longer have a p.b.& j sandwich at lunch try to remember that there is alternatives that protect others while still giving your little ones one of their favorite snacks.

Why Breast Milk Sharing Is Booming Online

Jan 26th 2011 11:22AM When my daughter was born she was very early and couldn't eat yet. My body was producing more milk than they could tube feed her so the nurse in the NICU asked if I would share my unused milk with some of the babies who had been born and taken from their mothers for drug abuse during pregnancy. I agreed and then underwent a lot of testing to make sure that I was a safe donor. I think being able to help out others is a wonderful thing but I also feel that safety should come first. The hospital treated sharing breastmilk as seriously as sharing blood and I'm not that this agency is doing the same. There are a lot of benifits to giving your child breastmilk but breastfeeding doesn't equal love. No matter how you choose to feed your child the only thing that really matters is that you love them and are caring for them in the way you think is best. We need to get over it and stop putting mothers down for the way they choose to feed their children and start supporting each other in parenting choices and styles.

I Don't Like Babies

Jan 11th 2011 11:30AM it's not about being selfish or even being a contol freak. i have four kids, didn't enjoy the infant periods one bit, but since my kids are great and emotionally well rounded i certainly still have some maternial insticts going on somewhere. the reason some people just don't like babies is because we are more intellectual ( not to mean smarter) and others are more emotional. if a person is more intellectual the inability to communicate without words is frustrating, whereas the person who is more emotional tends to be more attuned to the needs and wants of someone as u put it " totally at your mercy". as a side note the thought that anything or one is totally at my mercy sends chills of fear and anxiety through me.

The Jacksons, Week 12: The Adventures of Cooking for a Choosy Eater

Dec 30th 2010 9:24PM I have four kids, two of them eat anything that is given to them and the other two are considered picky eaters. While all my kids will eat veggies, one of the picky eaters won't eat anything that comes in a can because we've always preached fresh is best. The other of my picky eaters will eat nothing with any type of sauce or pasta ( due to gagging from the texture). I'm not one of those wimpy parents that will freely accomadate my children by creating different foods for each child but on nights I know that they will not eat what I'm making then I will go out of my way to do something different for them. As long as the food they are eating isn't junk then why should I force them to eat something they don't like. I know I certainly wouldn't want to eat something if it tasted horrible to me.

The Vanilla Ice Project: Our Revealing Q&A with the Rapper-Turned-Remodeler

Oct 11th 2010 8:03AM congrats on your success. its good to see someone turn their life around and do something worth while with it.

Pediatricians Call for a Limit on Tobacco and Alcohol Ads

Sep 28th 2010 8:00AM All children are different. My kids watch R-rated movies and mature shows, they also have parents who smoke. They have made it through their teen years without becoming smokers, drug addicts, of alcoholics. Yes I'm sure they have tried it like all children but I don't think that the movies they watched when they were younger was as huge a contributing factor in their lives. I think it has more to do with the values at home and the company they keep outside of the home.

The van der Sloot Syndrome: When Moms Go Cold

Jun 26th 2010 10:21AM lisa i wish you hadn't disabled your reply button so i could let you know that not being a toucher is ok. My mother wasn't and I turned out fine and didn't need therapy. The worst that will happen is that they will not be touchers with their children. As long as you show them love and affection in the best way you can then they will be fine.

Getting Teens to Talk (Eww) About Sex

Jun 18th 2010 7:53AM I've talked to my children about sex since they were about 3 keeping things fairly age appropriate as possible even though I have some in middle school and some not even in kindergarten yet. The easiest thing is to give them the basics about their bodies, sex, and the risks of having sex. It is harder when you have to talk to them about what they are going to feel because that is a big part of sex. Kids need to understand that lust is not love and that what they are feeling is ok but they need to not let it control them. Then you need to give them to tools and or materials to have safe sex not because you condone them having sex but because if they make that choice you want them to be safe. My biggest scare tactic for the boys besides std's is child support and being stuck with someone you hate for the rest of your life. I always tell my boys if you sleep with someone make sure you like them as a person and want to stay in contact with them for the rest of your life because if the worst happens and they get pregnant then that is what you will have to deal with, whether the child is 2 or 52 you and that person will always be in each others lives.

Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

Jun 18th 2010 7:16AM My daughters name is Tru (she is our fourth child and the only girl) and I have gotten alot of snide comments on her name. Some people can just be so rude about things they don't understand.

Hubby Put A Ring On It -- Is it Time to Upgrade You?

Jun 13th 2010 8:03AM I'm not white or black for that matter, I am Native American so I sometimes get a little confused on matters of race. I do have a question to ask that may seem stupid so please bear with me. Why does it matter what race someone chooses to marry? Does it really matter if a black man marries a white woman or if a white man marries a black woman? Shouldn't the most important thing be you marry for love, respect, and equality no matter what your race? As for the ring issue I've been married for ten years and my ring cost less than $200 dollars(a beautiful white gold and sapphire ring) and I would never upgrade it. My ring is very special and picked to match with my personality.


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