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Norma G. Robertson

Norma G. Robertson

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Kirstie Alley Brings the Crazy to 'Marriage Ref' (VIDEO)

Apr 2nd 2010 1:36PM Kristie Alley has always been such a beautiful person inside. Not only is her weight out of control but so is everything else about her. I wish she could get her life back in control and become the beautiful person she once was. I miss the "old" Kristie.

Captain Phil Harris Was the Genuine Article

Feb 19th 2010 9:52AM Deadliest Catch is Reality TV at it's best and Phil Harris was one of the best. I will continue to watch the show but it won't be the same. My sincerest sympathy for his family and to all who loved him. He will indeed be sorely missed.

Home Ec: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Feb 18th 2010 8:56AM I have been making my own laundry soap for years. I use Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, not baking soda. There is a difference.
Grate one half bar of FELS-NAPTHA bar soap and add one cup 20 MULE TEAM BORAX and one cup ARM AND HAMMER WASHING SODA.
I put it in the food processor and blend to a fine powder. Use two tablespoons per load. It works beautifully.

Repeat Offender - Michelle Obama Recycles Her Wardrobe

Apr 28th 2009 8:51AM Exactly who gets to decide who wears an outfit only once? Shouldn't we be more concerned with what she does and her goals as First Lady? If the fashion world wants to see their clothes on Michelle, they should donate them for a one time use. That way she will always be picture perfect and everyone will know who designed her outfit.

Designers Question Michelle Obama's Style

Apr 24th 2009 8:42AM She is the wife of the president, not the queen of the world. Cut her some slack. Put the microscope away and pay more attention to what she does and not what she wears. She has always been seen as stylish and comfortable to me. How well would the rest of the world do if suddenly placed in her position? She needs to stay true to herself.

Rosie Behind the Scenes

May 31st 2007 4:48PM As a legal citizen of the United States Rosie is entitled to voice her opinion. That is what being free is all about. That does not make her right or wrong. You do not have to agree or disagree with her. But as free Americans we can have our say. I simply look at her remarks as a different opinion and nothing more. Nothing she says changes my life or beliefs.


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