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Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House

Feb 10th 2013 3:21PM Call or contact Pan American Bank Of East Los Angelos ,they will give you good advice . They are Latino and have helped all of their Latino clients re-fi and do HOME MODIFICATIONS . Good luck they are good people.

Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House

Feb 10th 2013 2:48PM I agree, we are ( I hate to say ), victims of the banks GREED . This has nothing to do with overspending or biting off more than we can chew. Let me explain and educate everyone about " BANK GREED ". Banks only ( in the past ) made money when they " closed " on a loan, or occasionally get to charge a fine or a fee. That,s about it. To get a loan you have to bring in a lot of documentations such as pay check stubs , statements , w2's, tax returns ,expenses etc. We've all been there.This qualifies you for a PRIME or SUB-PRIME mortgage(that they will sell to an investor)Now the investor gets all of the interest you are paying on that loan.A PRIME mortgage is desirable to investors,a SUB-PRIME is not so much. Now there is also another type of loan called a LIAR-LOAN. It's real. That's the real title and it is used for occupations that don't have documentation such as body builder,weight trainer,house keeper ,artist ,construction,baby sitter,seamstress etc...They are usually getting paid in cash and don't have records and pay stubs but they have a good income usually somewhere around 40 - to 60 thousand but they can't prove it ,so these loans are titled LIAR LOANS. Well investors don't really want to invest in them ( they are scary and not secured). Well Banks figured Lets do more LIAR LOANS AND SELL THEM AS PRIME MORTGAGES.. And they did. Very dishonest. But they made money . Now they thought If Bill Smith can qualify with a 35,000.00 Liar Loan why can't Brian Williams qualify with 65'000.00 and bad credit rating so they decided to just fabricate that too. This sounds bizarre but it is exactly what happened .There was another lie involved. Well actually a few more. The banks decided to qualify people for larger mortgages and lie and tell them that they qualified -(more closing cost to them ) The majority of people didn't know they were signing an A-R-M. That is a loan that expands and gets a lot bigger after 5 years. Say your payment is 400.00 the first 5 yrs and then grows to 1000.00 and then grows again.You know if my bank told me I qualified for a 400,00.00 loan and that my payments were only going to be 450.00 I would be ecstatic . I wouldn't think they were conning me. Would you? Billions of people were NOT told they were signing an A-R-M . They were NOT told they were being qualified for a home they COULD NOT AFFORD. This was a BANK GAME to make more money done to unsuspecting and unknowing people. It was an evil game in the name of greed done to knowledgeable lower class lower and middle income people. But the banks didn't care because they were making more money than ever. NOW comes the good part.(There might not be enough space here)Then they dreamed up"CREDIT DEFAULT INSURANCE " This is an investors game buying and selling and investing in PRIME mortgages .Well a gentleman with A'sperger's syndrome, a numbers genius who plays the stock market knew what was going to happen when all of these LIAR LOANS came to maturity and the unsuspecting hard working people would get the shock of their lives with a double payment due and add that to now unemployment so he invented " CREDIT DEFAULT INSURANCE" Cheap Cheap Cheap -so Bank investors, Bank President, the board,your senators (on the board) Wall street ,AIG,Leamen Brothers ,all the big investment firms took out CREDIT DEFAULT INSURANCE to bet against the little guy who was about to loose his shirt and home. They made BILLIONS with an S. Normally an investment makes a little interest slowly but surely but when you dropped down into the "TROUBLED MORTGAGE DEPARTMENT" you were right where they wanted you and bingo they were dancing on the tables,$ $ $ $ BILLIONS they were reimbursed your entire mortgage amount- bit did Leaman and AIG and the other firms have enough money to pay the senators and bank boards and rich investors - NO - So they approved the " BAIL OUT " with your, our, money I might add.MONEY MONEY MONEY in everybody's pocket but yours. Now you know why they DON'T want to take your Mortgage out of the TROUBLED MORTGAGE DEPARTMENT and good luck trying because with TARP the banks were told The Government will ( us ) pay you back for any mortgages you lost and reimburse you for any legal fees and court fees ,late fees, fines $$$$$$$$$$$ more money than they ever saw in their lives. It is totally to their advantage to make sure your mortgage is NEVER modified. So they will string you along for one to two years paying " TRIAL PAYMENTS (money staying in the bank $$$) and they will see you in court. This is not a joke . This is real . This is the real story. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU.

Don't Let 'Floppers' Flip Your House

Sep 9th 2010 1:38PM Please be careful----I can't stress enough - the banks are not on your side. They will tell you anything. They want YOU in foreclosure (it's not like the old days when a foreclosure cost the bank too much money - legal salaries, court fees ,employ salaries, money money money down the drain ) It's different now ,the banks will be reimbursed for every penny they spend or loose to service and prosecute you.Plus they are reimbursed for every payment you miss or pay while in the" non current , or I have a question about my mortgage " dept. You read it right.If they think you might have a problem you will be pulled from the " current dept. and put in the non current dept and TARP has promised to reimburse the bank for everything -EVERYTHING. So it is to their advantage to keep you there for as long as possible.That way they get paid double - a payment from you and one from TARP. There are only a few banks using TARP "honestly " to actually help the people .It's probably less than 1%. So like I said ,be very careful,and good luck because your chances of being put back into the " current dept" are very very very slim. You might want to contact a bank in East LosAngeles called Pan American or a bank in Creve Couer Mo called Polaski for advice. In my research so far they are the only two who are doing TARP honestly ,GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS

South Florida Speculators Outbid Average Homebuyers

Jul 31st 2010 3:41PM It truly is heart wrenching what is happening in Florida. It has nothing to do with " biting off more than they can chew ". It has to do with unemployment. If the jobs dry up so does the income. To make matters worse the banks have figured out how to make TARP work to THEIR advantage and NOT THE HOMEOWNER. That is the saddest thing of all. I wish the Government would wake up. There is NO ONE to regulate or monitor the banks, so the whole country will suffer. You people have no clue but the banks are making MORE MONEY THEN THEY HAVE EVER MADE, EVER by using Tarp to screw people.

Summer Swim Style: Find the Right Suit for Your Frame


Glaxo Settles Suits With Hundreds 'Harmed' by Diabetes Drug

May 16th 2010 11:32PM Arthur ------You are so right---I think that is what we are all praying for. You hit the nail on the head.Looking forward to the NEW AMERICA. I think if future government candidates don't meet OUR STANDARDS,then NO ONE SHOULD VOTE. You guys know what I am talking about.That's when it's down to two horrible people and we have to choose - one- .If they're not honorable,LETS NOT VOTE--ANYONE -NO VOTING. WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER. SPREAD THE WORD...

Ex-Scientologist Reveals Details Behind 'Dangerous Cult,' Tom Cruise in New Book


Is Ellen Pompeo Looking to Leave 'Grey's Anatomy'?

May 7th 2010 8:48AM The show won't work without the 4 main people.Still so sad George is gone.He was an imp. character.Still miss him.I think I wouldn't mind angry, evil, psycho, Alex leaving.Once a year he smiles and that should be his normal character. They really wrote that one wrong.I think the writers should be fired. They are so missing the mark,in every way.Bring back Izzy,George,and Burk.Have them expand their characters out of the hospital and into real life. Buy homes, live,go shopping etc.The new people arn,t working. FIRE THE WRITERS.The show has become so stupid. FIRE THE WRITERS. I think they have a stick stuck in their butts.

Pressure Washers -- Fast and Easy Cleanup

Apr 28th 2010 8:07PM About the brick patio - I have one also and yes it's alright to use the acid. Don't let it splash on you - and use a long handle on your brush. The acid will not hurt the brick at all , It's the other things it splashes on !!!

Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 17th 2010 12:50PM That is a joke. Do you know how many times she will bump her toes and knees in a day not to mention at night ? What a waist of space and function. Imagine trying to get out of bed at night to go to the bathroom , it's too low and close to step on ,so do you have to take a big leap ? Stupidest thing I ever saw.


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