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10 Paper Towel Roll Crafts

Apr 8th 2011 6:03PM Not hamster tubes. They chew them up into little pieces...!

Dollar General vs. Walmart--Price Comparisons on 10 Standard Grocery Items

Jan 19th 2011 1:49PM First, bring your local store ads to Walmart and they will match the sale price...unless the other store's sale price is higher than Walmart's (which happened to my mother in law once), in which case, they go with their lower priced item. Our local Walmart always has fresh beautiful produce and their meats are very you can ask the butcher to get you a piece of meat from the cooler if you don't find what you want.

I love shopping at Walmart, but I don't go all the time. I spread the "wealth" among all my local stores because I want them all to succeed.

I don't like Dollar General. Their name implies everything is a dollar...not true. It's just a cramped store charging normal fees for their items. I like wide aisles and good lighting and clean floors, and well-stocked shelves. No matter WHERE I shop.

I go to Kroger when I have coupons because the double and triple. Walmart doesn't double or triple, but they usually have competitive prices to Kroger or HEB. But they also have everything else you would need or want, and I can drop my car at the auto section, have it lubed while I shop, AND I can check out right there in the auto section, use my coupons, not have to wait in line, AND pay for everything all at one time. Can't beat that!

Better Ways to Spend $40 Than on Pajama Jeans

Jan 17th 2011 1:17AM They are not pajamas...they are jeans that are so comfortable that, should you choose to, you could wear to bed. They are merely comfortable jeans. Jeans just like other jeans, but instead of squishing the heck out of your waist, they fit like a glove. I wore a regular pair of jeans Saturday and, while they fit very nicely and were comfortable from the hips down, the waist line was uncomfortably tight and made me breathless. So, a comfortable pair of jeans that look good on your figure would be quite nice! That wouldn't make a woman lazy, just smart.

Houston Passenger Brought Loaded Pistol on Plane

Dec 17th 2010 1:17PM On a business flight from Bush (Houston) Intercontinental, I was pulled away for a more thorough search (shoes, etc.) because they saw something in my briefcase, was a metal fingernail file that I HAD FORGOTTEN to remove! Shame on me! Middle-aged woman with a nail file! And the person searching my bag couldn't even FIND the nail file, knowing it was there. I finally asked what in particular he might be looking for and he told me, so I went and pulled it out for him. If he couldn't find it, how would a terrorist find it? (According to security, nail files, clippers, scissors, box cutters, etc., are potential weapons that could be confiscated by a terrorist and used to hijack a plane or something.) Anyway, it's all a bunch of hooey with the body scanners, etc., since plastic explosives can't even be detected by the body scanners if they are located on a person's abdominal area because the explosives blend with the body's internal parts and don't stand out like a metal object. I agree that what we in America refer to as "profiling" is needed and is just good common sense.

'Dancings With the Stars' Season 11 Cast Rumors: David Hasselhoff, Michael Bolton and Kirstie Alley in?

Aug 26th 2010 1:03PM I would LOVE to see a DWTS season of former child stars from both TV and movies of the 1980s-2000. Or, why can't you get someone from the wizarding realm like Helena Bonham Carter or Emma Watson or Tom Felton? Or get Stallone or Schwarzenegger...! Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis cut a mean tango rug in True we know they can do it!

Why Don't Jennifer Aniston's Friends Help Her More at the Box Office?

Aug 23rd 2010 2:42PM Jennifer Aniston is bland...she has no emotional range. She's too "clean" in all the movies I've seen with her. I did enjoy Marley and Me but not due to Jennifer's presence at all. Her acting is she doesn't have the strength to speak...

Please, somebody give her a role with a director who will demand more from her emotionally...! Don't let her coast like she has been.


Emma Watson Channels Mia Farrow With New Haircut

Aug 5th 2010 4:20PM If that type haircut looked good on me, I'd be doing it in a split second! But, with a fat face and big neck, I'd look like a defensive! Very pretty, Emma!

'FrontierVille' Attracts 20 Million Digital Settlers

Jul 19th 2010 6:11PM I thought all those games were so much fun at first...and it is fun BUILDING your island or farm or city...but then you get 'er built and then it starts to get tedious. You need to move on. I was spending too much time playing the games on Facebook for about 2-3 months, but now I just check in with some of the really good games 2-3 times a week, don't plant any crops, and am not sending or receiving "gifts", so the pressure is off. If I have time, I check my farm/islands/city/cafe, etc., and then get off the computer and back to my real life, which is much more challenging and!

Duggar Baby #19 Comes Home

Jun 29th 2010 3:43PM I've been an avid fan of the Duggars since I discovered their show on cable several years ago...and they are wholesome, sober, intelligent, caring people who live by God's word (the Bible) and follow God's precepts for living life. They believe, as the Bible says, that children are a gift of God and a blessing. They work hard, they play hard, they love and respect each other and they treat even strangers with kindness and good manners. I'm sure baby Josie will present some problems growing up, but nothing that they can't handle, along with God's help and the entire family praying for each other and helping each other...which is the way families SHOULD be. The Duggars are providing an example of a Godly family which everyone would do well to emulate.

Simple Urine Test May Diagnose Children With Autism

Jun 7th 2010 2:42PM My autistic grandson, David, has been the joy of my life and I thank God every day for sending him to us to love and care for. He has been with us since he was discharged from the hospital after he was born. I knew he was autistic from about age 2-3 years old, and pressed the schools for years before he was finally assessed and diagnosed with autism in HIGH SCHOOL! That was way too late for him to get any autism-related special care/teaching throughout his schooling. Fortunately, since WE'VE known for years before his school diagnosis, we were able to get him occupational, speech and physical therapy so that he is at least able to enjoy life a little bit and function in society with minimal problems. I think the school system doesn't want to spend the money doing a diagnosis for autism because, as was mentioned above, it is a very expensive process. Perhaps in the future, if the urinalysis diagnostic tool becomes available, schools would be more apt to label a child as autistic and get them the proper help earlier in life.

I say, God bless all you dedicated parents, grandparents, and other caregivers who love and care for these children...especially when the children are grown and require even more care than when they were younger.


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