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Fit or Fiction: Can My Gym Make Me Sick?

Apr 21st 2010 7:49PM I did catch MRSA at my gym, I think from lying on a mat. It was on the back of my head. I needed a surgeon to remove the infection, and had a nickle sized hole that I had to clean and rebandage each day. The pain of changing the bandages was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I have given birth to 3 kids!

Now, I wipe down the mat each time and let it dry well before putting my towel down. I also wipe down the bike and treadmill before using them. Remember the tension knob on the bike. Most people just clean the handle bars and seat.

The Daily Fix: Remove Crayon Stains Around the House

Apr 21st 2010 7:27PM Lestoil is found in the cleaning section of the grocery store. It works on laundry, skin, etc. to remove crayon, ink, blood, tar, grass stains, and many other things. We learned about it a long time ago in Bermuda after an oil spill. All of the hotels were using it to get the oil out of the towels, sheets, carpet, etc.

I put it to good use when a crayon went through the dryer in my daughter's jacket. I pretreated the stains, then washed the clothes in regular detergent. Everything came out.

It is petroleum based, so use as little as possible.


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