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Black Friday: Toy store price wars begin

Oct 18th 2010 1:20PM Just curious, but is even one of those toys actually made in the USA? Why should any of us be participating in an advertising-incited scrum over cheap stuff from Ch**a? There are so many better choices for gifts.

A Girl's Guide to Making New Friends (Now That We're Out of Third Grade)

Aug 8th 2010 5:18PM I'd say you're in the wrong L. A. Nothing wrong with you, all wrong with them. No chemistry. Try some other types of groups, churches, political action stuff you believe in, interest/hobby groups, stuff like that.
Good luck. It's not easy to make friends!

'Say Yes to the Dress' Meets Most Interesting Brides Yet

Jul 9th 2010 2:58PM No wonder the divorce rate is so high. A wedding has lost all the significance it might once have had. Me me me, how much money can I shake down the family for, get everything I ever wanted NOW...and we call these people adults? Sad, I say.

Airfares on Sale for Summer and Fall

Jul 8th 2010 5:03PM Air fares have nothing to do with distance, they have everything to do with demand. Forget thinking short flights should cost less. It doesn't work that way.

And there's more news: the government has been subsidizing air travel like mad for years, as well as car travel. But trains, they insist must pay for themselves. Go figure.

Cheap Trick: Vintage Toast Rack as Mail Organizer

May 14th 2010 6:05PM Ahem. A toast RACK is not anywhere near being the same thing as a TOASTER. It's like calling a platter a grill.

American Airlines expands mobile boarding pass system to 19 new airports

Mar 14th 2010 9:26PM Sigh. And I'm supposed to be glad about waiting in line behind the guy who can't quite get his SmartPhone to show the boarding pass with correct resolution.

I like the train.

Did Amazon shortchange its staffers on overtime? The lawyers will find out

Dec 3rd 2009 6:54PM Was this crank a plant? He hadn't worked there a whole year and he's filing class action suits? The policy as stated would seem to suggest you could get MORE time paid as often as LESS.

CVS in court (again) for (even more) expired drugs, milk, eggs, and formula

Dec 3rd 2009 12:27PM Can someone explain to me clearly the difference between the "best if used by" date, versus this mythical "expiration" date? Is the implication that if you use the product after the "expiration" date, it is no longer any good?

Stuff goes past the "best if used by" dates in my house all the time, with NO bad consequences. Why should the store have to get rid of products all hermetically sealed up because of some arbitrary date?

If it's so important to you, check dates yourself. We don't need more Federal Laws on this one!

Do Movie Critics Still Matter?

Dec 2nd 2009 1:46PM I read the critics' opinions to attempt to continue to inform my own appreciation of films. There are certain types of films I do not care for. This doesn't make the critics or the audiences who love them WRONG or STUPID. It's simply taste. People who write about film in publications are giving their opinion. We are free to listen or not, but I'd hope we could do it without impugning their intelligence or calling them names.

The Savings Experiment - What's the Best Way to Ship Your Gifts?

Nov 20th 2009 5:03PM Just in the interest of accuracy: the USPS is NOT a department of the Federal Government. It is a quasi-governmental agency, and is MANDATED to make no profit, only to break even. It does receive a modest amount of taxpayer money, as described below, to cover services that the Government requires them to perform at no cost to the mailing public.
From an informational website:
"The USPS does get some taxpayer support. Around $96 million is budgeted annually by Congress for the "Postal Service Fund." These funds are used to compensate USPS for postage-free mailing for all legally blind persons and for mail-in election ballots sent from US citizens living overseas. A portion of the funds also pays USPS for providing address information to state and local child support enforcement agencies, and for keeping some rural posts offices in operation."


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