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The Real Reasons Women Under 30 Aren't Having Sex

May 2nd 2010 4:43PM WOW, so many comments, so FEW get it right. It's ok to have a quickie once in a while but the real reward is the act of making love. We men need start with romance. That's the best part. Send a text in the middle of the day saying you've been thinking of her and it's made you so horny. At home tell her how beautiful she is. In bed take your time. Make love to her whole body from her toes to her ears and make sure she knows how every inch drives you crazy. The greatest pleasure is knowing you are driving HER crazy. Watching and feeling as you bring her to extacy. Learn what she likes, where the g spot is. AND show her you love her and want her even more AFTER you are done. My woman always has an orgasm first and that's what I get pleasure from.As for her masterbating, what a turn on that would be for me, especially if I could help or she would show me how to be better. It's not the orgasm, it's the whole act and I am always satisfied. Real life,not hollywood.


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