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Alan G.

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The Daily Fix: Tighten a Refrigerator Door Seal

Apr 26th 2010 7:16AM In 26 years in the appliance repair business, I've never seen a refrigerator door gasket (seal),that I COULDN'T easily pull a piece of paper out from under. If the paper FALLS out on it's own, maybe the gasket is bad, but in the vast majority of cases, if the part isn't torn or otherwise damaged, the screws around the perimeter of the door, (under the gasket), can be loosened, the door flexed into whatever position it takes to obtain proper closure, and re-tightened. Replacing a door gasket seems easy, but is actually a very time consuming process. Most door gaskets are packaged in a folded shape, and are difficult to make fit as well as the original because of the creases put into the new part. I always prefer to use the original for this reason. In a recent issue of "Consumer Report", a listing of a large number of refrigerators was published, and most used about $75 of electricity per year. An average door gasket replacement costs roughly $175. Some are much higher. I think you'd save a large amount by leaving the original gasket on the refrigerator, and by ignoring anything as vague and non-technical as the "Paper Test".


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