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Holiday Deals: Five for Your Weekend

Nov 13th 2010 11:31AM Most LG products are cheaply made so that retailers can sell them at promtional prices. Have you noticed that every store now wants to sell LG washers, dryers etc? Pretty soon you will see them at Car Washes and Starbucks. Some LG products may be a good value for short term use based on the cheap purchase price. Always check Consumer Reports and other review sites for long term reliabilty before making a purchase like this. $400 off an appliance that has an inflated retail price isn't always a bargain. Also, very high end like Sub Zero, viking etc are also overpriced unless you want to brag to your neighbors. Many of the Brands are made by the same manufacturing co but under differant specs and brand names. Don't ever buy appliances on a whim, do the reseach then shop for price. For the record I have a combination of GE, Kenmore, Panasonic products. Also no come on in this post for hot dating site - sorry. If anyone gets lucky with the line "want to come back to my place and see my washer/dryer" let me know

Minute Makeover: A Stylish Bedroom for a Guy

Oct 19th 2010 2:06PM What's with the Bedroom door? It has glass in it and you can see right in. I've never seen a Bedroom that has doors that you see through. I guess privacy isn't much of a concern but given the ugly colors including Orange (?) I'd want to make sure no one would see in. Bedroom screams "I bat for the other team"

5 Not-So-Scary Plumbing Fixes

Sep 4th 2010 12:47PM One cup of regular household bleach poured in your bathroom drains monthly will keep them flowing. Most clogs are hair strands with soap particles that have attached to the hair to cause the clog. Pour the Bleach in and let it stand overnight and in the morning just flush the drain out by running the water. The process will cause an odor will the Bleach eats away at the hair/soap clog so you may want to open a window for ventilation. No need to buy the expensive brand name bleach either as the cheaper store brand has the same percentage of chloride. While some people may object to this for enviormental reasons it is far better and nore effective than the regular consumer Drain cleaners that begin with "D" and end in 'O" which contain harsh chemicals that could also damage your piped with continued use. I have used Bleach for years on my home and Apts and I have never had a problem.

Stereophonics Frontman Gets Hit by Flying Flip-Flop in Singapore

May 4th 2010 11:08AM A few thoughts:
1. Was the Flip-Flop damaged? There was no mention of the final condition of the Flip-Flop.
2. I assume that if Concert Security wanted to locate the person responsible for throwing the Flip-Flop they could have checked the Audience for Asian girls wearing only one Flip-Flop.
3. Also, if I was a Baseball player scout I would want to find this person. The ability to throw an evenly balanced object at great length and hit a moving target would indicate some potential pitching ability
4. Has anyone checked where the guy was that threw the shoe at Bush several years ago? Maybe he was in the audience.
5. No matter what the talent or following of the Band they don't deserve to have items thrown at them unless they were drunk or high and couldn't play. Any Band or person who gets up on a stage to perform deserves the respect of the audience for their effort.
6. Going forward I would suggest that when this happens the audience should capture the person who threw the item, force them up on the stage and let the Band or Road Crew throw objects at them. It would be entertaining for all as well as good lesson in Concert Courtesy.


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