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Al Wright

Al Wright

Member Since May 4th, 2010

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The Daily Fix: Tighten a Refrigerator Door Seal

May 4th 2010 9:39PM I had a General Electric Ref. and descovered it wsn't freezing my Ice cream and in then checking the tempeture I found the frezzer just about freezing I had a repair man tell me it was the door seals and told me to call general electric. They admitted they knew of the problem and say they were fixing it but the program ended in March and I was calling in April. They eventually offered me a $400 discount if I bought a new GE ref. but only from their Website. The least expensive one on the site was $1,600.00. I hade a 23 c.f. side by side and I replaced it with a 23 c.f. side by side from another manufacture for $800. I wouldn't my another G E product if my life depended on it!!!


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