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Minute Makeover: Change Up Your Pillowscape

Jul 30th 2011 10:33AM What are all those pillows good for? Just for looking good... Who needs that? A bedroom is no living room. Making beds in the morning and covering by a beadspread is definitely enough.

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 5:56PM Instead of cornmeal you can also use baking powder... It definitely works!

Why Is My Gas So Cheap?

Oct 30th 2010 4:30AM Be glad! Gas prizes at your end are less than half of gas prizes in Germany!

Why Is My Gas So Cheap?

Oct 30th 2010 4:28AM Be glad!Gas prizes at your end are less than half of what we have to pay in Germany!

Window Insulation Film

Oct 23rd 2010 3:17PM Double or triple glazing is indeed more expensive but also more effective and made for eternity. Insulation film looks ugly, often blistered, does not last long and does not really save much energy costs. Only advantage: it is cheap!

Your Top Cat Health Questions Answered

Aug 24th 2010 6:37PM If you really love your cats, for heavens sake stop declawing! There's nothing worse you can do to them. You can easily teach them to keep away from furniture by less cruel means. In my country declawing is illegal and any vet doing this would lose his license!!!

Argentina vs. Germany 2010 World Cup Live Blog

Jul 3rd 2010 12:00PM Yep! Semi-final! Here we go!

12 Unusual Pet Accessories

Jun 6th 2010 6:12AM Sorry, that's sick! No pet needs things like that. Loving our pets is one thing, stupidity another...

Ask the AKC Animal Behaviorist: How Can I Calm an Anxious Cat?

May 28th 2010 5:31AM Theres a nice picture added to the article: an un-declawed cat!
Declawing should be illegalized at the US like in most countries of the world! It's nothing else but an extra income for irresponsible vets. Vets in my country would lose their license for doing that! Cats definitely CAN be educated to keep away from furniture. Without any violence! There's no need to mutilate them. Guess no one would declaw a child to keep it away from daddy's toolbox...


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