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Romney's 'Housing Plan' Already Making an Impact in La Jolla

Jun 8th 2012 12:17AM ...only because he's not in office. Once he is, he will be, and the Dems will be complaining, and you'll be the one saying "it's not like he's the first president to go on vacation!"

Confessions of a Casino Security Guard: Trapped

Nov 9th 2010 7:20AM You realize this took place in the middle of the night, right? With a hotel this size the service area is in a secluded area, away from guest's view. here was probably two sets of doors between him and a passing guest. Screaming and banging for help would be useless unless he heard someone coming. And in the middle of the night that's highly unlikely.

And where do you read he sued anybody?

I've worked in a hotel at night. Once I got stuck in the service elevator on the 12th floor. Fortunately the alarm button worked. If it hadn't it might have been hours before I was found. There was a 2nd service elevator in operation and no one on duty (the other three people) might have even noticed the other elevator wasn't working. Security would most likely take the guest elevators or the stairs to do their patrols. My only hope would have been if a guest from that floor called for an iron or something and it was retrieved from that floor's service area.

A co-worker no doubt would have noticed I never came back and sent someone to look for me IF they knew where I was going, but I could just have easily been stuck there for several hours.

Her 'Stuff' Wasn't Making Her Happy, So Tammy, 31, Gave It All Away

Aug 11th 2010 12:34AM Exactly - no kids. I used to live with few objects and no car. I was 21 and living on my own and I wasn't exactly happy about it. It sounds like she had a shopping problem when she says she would work hard to make money to spend on stuff she doesn't need. There's her problem. I only hit the store when I'm in need of something specific and rarely add to the cart with impulse purchases. And I'm curious on where, exactly, they travel to on only $24k a year. I doubt it's a week in Hawaii or London. And, oh look, she published a book. And now she has more money so I'm sure more junk is on the way.

The Daily Fix: Brighten Faded Carpets and Rugs

Jul 30th 2010 12:22AM Actually we DID read the article. I'm not sure you did, tho. I direct your attention to the phrases "natural way to brighten carpet fiber" and "bringing life to our ... faded area rugs" and "the process not only brightened my carpets." All of these indicate the writer was able to restore color to the fabric (which is impossible).

Why I Both Loved and Hated the 'Lost' Finale

May 25th 2010 1:36AM No, they didn't all die in the plane crash. What's confusing you is the sideways storyline. If everyone died in the plane crash then Jack wouldn't know Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Jin, Sun, and certainly not Juliet. The whole island story was real. After Jack dies on the island he goes to the afterlife, which begins with him on the plane at the start of this season. From then until he gets Awakened by touching his father's coffin he 'lives' his perfect life.


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