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NHRA Drag Racer Mark Niver Killed in Accident in Seattle

Jul 12th 2010 8:53AM Seems to me that a majority of drag racing accidents occur *while* going down the strip. I agree that the safety net issue needs to be looked at since it's obvious that it's ineffective. This may sound wacky but what if NHRA adopted a similar slot idea like slot cars? Some type of groove down the center of the both tracks that each car would be "locked" into so that it's nearly impossible to go anywhere but in a straight line. This would prevent a car from losing control from a blown tire/engine from going out of control, hitting the barriers and injuring people in the stands?

And finally and most importantly, my sincere condolences to all his family and friends.

5 Shortcuts to a Perfect Lawn

May 29th 2010 8:14AM I agree about not mulching. There's two problems with mulching instead of bagging. The first is that over time, no matter how finely you mulch, you'll need to de-thatch since not all mulch will break down and eventually you'll have patches where the thatch has built up. Secondly, if you have problems with ticks or other pests, mulching will only reintroduce those unwanted bugs back into the soil. Using a rear bagging lawn mower and disposing of the clippings will help keep these nasty pests from harboring in your lawn.


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