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Fireplace Heating Myths Debunked

Feb 9th 2011 10:37AM I have heated our home exclusively with wood for over 20 years. We do not have a furnace, we have 2 woodstoves.

There is nothing wrong with burning pine. I burn about a cord of pine or other "soft" woods a year. These woods are perfect for early fall and spring when you don't need a long fire. The real issue and the only issue that comes with burning softwoods such as pine or hardwoods for that matter is you need to clean your chimney. If you clean your chimney you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to creosote build up.

With today's flexible poles most homeowners can clean their own chimney with ease. Still it is wise to have a pro check your chimney as well. Once a year we have a "pro" come and clean the flu's and then I give them a second cleaning during the season.

Is 'FlashForward' Heading to Starz?

Jul 23rd 2010 6:34PM My prayers will be answered if FLASHFORWARD gets picked up by STARZ!

So if anyone from STARZ is reading this you will pick up a NEW subscriber if you bring FLASHFORWARD to your network.

Scottish police called to calm and feed rioting Ryanair passengers

Jun 25th 2010 5:55PM Dave,
I think you must have been on another airline.

RYANAIR does not fly to the US or in the US.

Cast to Reunite for New Album and Live Dates

Jun 22nd 2010 10:59AM Ralph

Your comment says it all! I worked for a Music Magazine in the 90's covering everyone from Aerosmith to Zebra and I have never heard of these blokes either. AOL's penchant for trying to make the obscure common is laughable..

Wolfmother Cancel European Tour

Jun 6th 2010 4:27PM Pat,

Please learn to read before you pop your mouth off. That way you will look, sound and hopefully feel better about yourself in the long run.

IF, and I do mean IF you would read my comment you will clearly see I never stated "nobody has ever heard of them.." as you claim.

I wrote "...the VAST majority of people reading this online have NO CLUE who "Wolfmother" is and better yet.. DON'T CARE..." And so far this statement still stands true.

You see PAT when you READ what people actualy write you won't come off as looking ignorant as you sound. Oh and one last point, PAT, dropping the "F BOMB" doesn't do much to make your case. In fact it makes you look.. Well... I have more class than that...

Wolfmother Cancel European Tour

Jun 6th 2010 2:16PM Christine

You and Brian BOTH are missing the whole point. While Wolfmother very well may be a decent band, the fact is the are literally an UNKNOWN commodity in the music world right now. The fact that AOL chooses to report WOLFMOTHER's tour being canceled just doesn't rise to the level of news.

Many of us here online we can respect that you are fans of this band and I wish them nothing but future success. Again,the vast majority of us here can't understand how Wolfmother canceling its opening act tour rates as news to the masses. It just doesn't rate up there with Aerosmith, Daughtry or Kid Rock, The Stones, Springstein, ect. If one of these bands canceled its tour THAT is NEWS.

Wolfmother Cancel European Tour

Jun 6th 2010 1:06PM Tuula,

Most of the comments are not any more "idiotic" than the one you left. Yours is kind of hard to make sense of the way it is written. (Anybody or Anyone?)

Wolfmother Cancel European Tour

Jun 6th 2010 12:21PM Brian

While you may be a fan of this band it is very clear that the VAST majority of people reading this online have NO CLUE who "Wolfmother" is and better yet.. DON'T CARE.
So before you go calling the rest of us "pathetic douchebags" for our views try for a second to look at your own.

Wolfmother Cancel European Tour

Jun 6th 2010 12:00PM Once again AOL manages to dredge up some lame piece of "news" that literally no one gives a shiat about. One would think that perhaps Steve Case managed to regain control of AOL with all of the nonsensical BS floating around.


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