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25 Unusual Things You Can Put in The Dishwasher

Nov 20th 2010 3:28PM No way I would put most of those things in the dishwasher where dishes that I eat off of are washed! Sneakers, broom heads, dustpans, garbage can lids..... eeeeewwwwwww!!! There are a few things that look like a good idea... like kitchen brushes, refrigerator shelves, scrub brushes and soap dishes.

As for sponges, I soak them in a weak clorox solution for about 10 minutes every few days. If you leave them for an hour or more in the clorox solution they end up falling apart.

Why Am I Getting Spam from Myself?

Jun 6th 2010 6:30PM Typical comment from someone who constantly critizes AOL, but still uses their services.


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