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Disney Raising its Theme Park Prices on Thursday

Aug 5th 2010 12:11AM Geez come on people it's going up $3.00!!!!! If you think that's going to change anything it's not, there are 2 and 3 hour waits for rides down there right now.
Please do what you say and boycott the rides, so us Disney Freaks can go on our yearly trips without wiating in line behind you crybaby's....., $3.00?? You'd think it went up $50 the way you people are carrying on. For $1500 a family of 4 can go down for a week, and now they have free dining, so your food is included. Shut up and go to six flags, and leave Disney for the real fans.,., Three dollars? Come on

Home Ec: Remove Tannin-Based Stains

Jun 7th 2010 1:46AM Wax is an easy one! Get a brown paperbag (like they used to give in the grocery store instead of plastic), cut the bag open so you have flat pieces, lay the bag over the wax and use an iron over the bag / over the wax. the heat melts the wax and the bag absorbs it.


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