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Peeps Easter Crafts: Taking Candy to the Next Level

Apr 22nd 2011 2:25PM I love PEEPS! The artwork piece was hysterical! I think the toothpick one and the pops were really cute. The vase and wreath are genuis! :D

Glee Debate: Are You Team Quick or Team Sinn?

Oct 21st 2010 9:13AM how about Kurt/Sam like it was rumoured to be?

Exclusive: Kendall Schmidt Talks About Big Time Rush and His Side Band Heffron Drive

Oct 15th 2010 4:32PM I think its good he has that project with his friend. He can easily make time for both. Maybe Heffron drive should open for BTR LOL

High School Student Dylan Galloway Scores a Touchdown in a Wheelchair, Has a 'Glee'-ful Moment

Oct 14th 2010 12:36PM Good for him. I smiled at that. Made my day 8)


Should Demi Lovato Go Back to Her Dark-Haired Roots?

Oct 14th 2010 12:27PM I agree. Her light hair looks good with the summer, but its fall and i think she should go back to black or at least a darker brown. She prob. has to anyway for Sonny with a Chance.

She's Latina and dark hair makes her features pop more.

Hannah Altman: The 9-Year-Old CEO

Jun 9th 2010 4:56PM Pencil Toppers are indeed an old product. But I guess she makes all different ones. I bet there is a Jonas Brothers and a Justine Bieber one in one of those ins LOL. just kidding. Good Job Hannah


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