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Retired Marine's Multi-Use Garage Sparks Controversy in Dearborn

Jul 3rd 2013 11:29PM He could have installed an overhead door with all pannels having glass like at some car dealrships. It would have served the same purpose and about the same cost.\
Still.... Dearborn is being chumpy about nothing! It's a garage.... not a living room! Leave him be! Semper Fi MARINE!

Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room

Mar 30th 2013 7:31PM I built a 152 Square foot house for just under 6,000 bucks including the appliances. I lived in it while rehabbing the family farmhouse in Indiana. It was a little tight but comfortable.

After I finished the rehab work, I sold it to a ham radio operator down the road. He moved his gear into it and his wife couldn't be happier. She now has her 1,200 sq foot family room back!

Multigenerational Homes: Real Estate's Next Big Thing as More Families Share a Space

Nov 25th 2012 12:53PM Mexican have been doing this for decades! They buy a house designed for four prople then move 20 in.

10 Chicago Suburbs That Don't Suck

Oct 24th 2012 9:46PM Another city that doesn't suck is Harvey!

An Inside Look At The Old TWA Terminal At JFK

Oct 8th 2012 5:34PM You want to see something really bizarre? Visit Mid-America airport (BLV) terminal in Mascoutah /Belleville, IL! It opened up in the late 1990's and was all but closed down the next day. There has not been a commercial flight out of there for a decade or more yet the terminal is open everyday. No passengers, no ticket sales, no security, no concessions, nothing! They have a guy patrolling the area on a golf card with a broom and dust pan to pick up trash ghosts leave behind. I think they pay a guy to drop littler in the parking lot just to give this guy something to do!

This was supposed to be a reliever for Lambert in St. Louis but it never happened. STL built new runways and the airlines wanted nothing to do with Mid-America! The Metrolink light rail departs from a platform at adjacent Scott AFB and goes directly to STL.

I think the most business it ever had was Hooters air for charter flights. There's some outfit called Allegiant that allegedly is restarting flights to Florida in November 2012 after leaving BLV in 2009 but the web site doesn't offer any reservation offerings. If it goes as it has in the past, they'll be pulling out by spring. I think the most that flies into BLV are fresh flowers and produce from South America. Whoever is running that airport has a fleece job funded by taxpayer wasted money!

Please.... vote Obama / Biden 2012 and keep this waste of money going!

Two Men Detained At US Border For Carrying Chocolate Eggs

Jul 24th 2012 5:01PM It was easier for an American to go between East & West Berlin in the 70's than to pass through US Customs!

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 5:27PM If he were a Muslim cleric, there's nothing the city could do about it without being sued into bankruptcy!

Crime in Mexico: Is Puerto Vallarta unsafe for travelers?

Mar 3rd 2012 4:00PM I will never return to Mexico for vacations or any other reason.

Oprah's Dream Interview: A Confessing O.J. Simpson

Jun 17th 2011 1:05PM With all the gay programming on OWN, how can it fail? Oh... in some markets it's a premium" channel? Now I get the rocky start!

Taylor Momsen Flashes Breasts at Concert Crowd

Jun 14th 2011 12:12AM So?? This is 2011 already. A little breast isn't going to cause blindness!


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