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Guns at Home: Do Neighborhoods' Firearms Permits Lower Property Values?

Jan 17th 2013 10:52PM These locations should not be given out, due to privacy issues. Since they were given out, you can easily see that the area is full of law abiding citizens. They were able to get gun permits. That means that they have followed the rules and are legit. I would buy a house and live if there.

Justin Timberlake on Weed: 'Some People Are Just Better High'

Jun 14th 2011 9:01PM I'm not into pot, at all. However, I'm at the point where I wouldn't care if it was legalized. It seems like it's everywhere anyway. Let the farmers make money growing it. Put a tax on it and maybe we can clear up some defecit.

Justin Bieber Sports New Tattoo (Photo)

Jun 1st 2011 10:10PM You are starting to scare me, just a little.

Blake Lively: 'I'm So Sick of Myself'

Jun 1st 2011 10:08PM How about playboy next?

Kim Kardashian: I Am Not Pregnant!

Jun 1st 2011 10:05PM How did we ever even find out that these people existed in the first place? None of them have ever done anything worth speaking about. Whoever is responsible for digging up these Kardashian people should be stoned.

Jennifer Aniston Introduces New Boyfriend to Her Friends

Jun 1st 2011 10:01PM And who is this guy again? Oh, and why do I care about any of this?

Justin Bieber Sports New Tattoo (Photo)

Jun 1st 2011 9:58PM The tat is stupid, but I'm more bothered by the sagged pants in the picture. Really, sagged pants. That is the dumbest look that was ever invented. Anyone who thinks that looks good is a follower of morons.

DIY Decline: Are Men Less Handy Than They Used to Be?

Apr 26th 2011 8:54AM There are a lot less men that are willing to try to do anything themselves. I have a construction company. I can do whatever, but I learned basics from mey father or grandfather. Once you have a clue, you can start to figure the rest out foir yourself.
One problem today is that father's work more than eight hours a day. They loose that time to show the kids how to do something themselves. they figure it is easier to just pay someone else.
Another difference is the educational system. Many people are pushed toward college, and shouldn't be. Some people need technical or trade schools. Vocational technical programs are disapearing from school all over the country, some because parents wrongly push their kids toward college and don't pay attention to their kids interest.
A lot of women do this work for themselves now too, good for them.


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