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Energy Savings: Solar Power

Jul 20th 2010 12:13PM If anyone's interested in finding a professional to help with a solar installation, you should check out The site has a green professional services directory that is geographically searchable. It's pretty cool.

Energy Savings: Central Air Conditioning

Jul 12th 2010 4:16PM Use a fan, too. It will magnify the cooling effect of an air conditioning system - for a fraction of the cost.

Energy Savings: Kitchen Appliances

Jun 21st 2010 1:35PM Marie, you're confusing dishwasher efficiency with energy efficiency. If you're going to run your dishwasher, then to maximize the benefit, fill it up. If you want to be more energy efficient, then rinse, set the temp low - and fill it up. Washing by hand gives you more overall control of energy & water consumed. Use luke warm water & turn it off when you soap up your dishes, then rinse them all at once.


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