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Homeless Man Robert Downs' Camouflaged Shack Shielded Him From Authorities for Months, Police Say

Jul 21st 2012 11:57PM What the heck he is taking care of himself, and not asking anyone for help. Don't see what he is really doing anything I mean the economy is bad, and he's cutting corners, great for him...just leave him alone, Was there anything thing else found there besides growing pot? he isn't doing anything luxery like cable,computers...I don't know if he had a cell, or a car. Lot of details are missing and they are not telling everything. Just because he has no mail coming there or power, does that make him a a criminal? waisted tax money to jail him...doesn't the cops have anything else better to do.....! jeeze! I mean I can see the pot issue but if wasn't distrubuting them only for him self not that bad of a crime. So really waht are they arresting him for?

Jail or Trial? Lindsay Lohan Gets More Time to Decide

Mar 10th 2011 10:48PM She gets way too many chances...just because she is a celebrity...many people go to jail...and what shes gets off.. wow she will just do more crime and guess what she will walk.

"The Biggest Loser" Resort Helped Dwayne Lose 60 Pounds

Mar 5th 2011 1:24PM Well firstly JOHN he is semi obese....not really too much over weight, he looks much better. Give him time he'll lose more and be fit. But the way I lost weight I ate in smaller portions, and cut out all sweets. I eat sweets very little. You can lose weight on your own term in a way you are more comfortable to deal with. Just take it step by step. Before you know it your'e losing the pounds.

Best Buy to Adopt Walmart's 'Every Day Low Price' Strategy?

Feb 15th 2011 7:33PM Yeah what a shame how walmart handled this. He prolly saved someone from getting killed. God Walmart I really am dissapointed with you. You getting a bad name...and a bad reputation.

Roomba Kittens: The Only Things More Powerful Than Roomba Cat

Feb 14th 2011 2:16PM I don't see this to be interesting at all these kittens are getting hit.

Pikachu Kitty - This Cat is Now a Pokemon, But Why?

Feb 14th 2011 1:56PM i don't think it was photoshop I think it's real.If it was Photoshop they would have got it done perfectly look at the paws...they are uneven. That's a red flag right there, and because the nose is untouched they would have made it black..with no trouble if it was Photoshop. I think they actually dyed the kitten. Call it animal cruelty. If you look they are taking pictures of it...because they think its funny.

Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Grand Theft; Judge Admonishes Her

Feb 9th 2011 7:31PM Maaan..most people do not get off that easy...most do jail time...why? oh just because she is who she is...that's so not fair. She gets away with wayyyy tooo much. That judge was paid alot of money I bet. Sick sick sick...

Domino's "Smart Slice" To Appear in A School Near You

Jan 22nd 2011 5:56PM What's the point in this but I am sure the pizza will be okay..but no matter what the school is serving to try serving healthier foods , why when the kids go have they can glory themselves to all kinds of junkie for so this really doesn't not help! I But most mothers do watch what their kids well for an example kids go out no telling what they eat out there. But lets not forget all pizza is good with tomatoes, and cheese, both of them are good for if they eat out and have a pizza well they are getting some nutritious, and if they eat fries, as well as burgers, Chicken... well it has some good source of vitamins and all... look at the food perimete/Chart it says 2 to 3 whole patatoes a no matter what they eat they will derive many nutrition's from all sorts of foods in part or whole.

Florida Parents Sue Boy Scouts Over Hiking Death of Their Son

Jan 20th 2011 6:39PM I would not let any child on a hot day to go on a hike for 20 miles ever whether the child was obese or not....just is not healthy to do this in such horrible hot weather. I still cannot imaging going on a 20 mile hike. There should be a standard of just 8 miles probably a lil less like 5 miles.....that is far enough. What happened to the boy was def from a heat stroke no doubt about it. It was a bad judgemental all parents should know better, parents should use commom sense in letting your child participate in these activities. I mean c'mon 20 mile hike is a red flag right there the scout leader should know better...the scouts shoud have have never adopted this activity by law......i'ts suppose to be fun and enjoyable not a life threating activity. The law needs to take this into hands and revise the allow of how many miles is a safe hiking.

Bank of America Set to Overhaul Account and Fee Structures

Jan 7th 2011 6:48PM I'm closing my BofA account...they are too greedy.


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