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Kevin Koval

Kevin Koval

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Energy Savings: Windows

Jul 6th 2010 5:05AM The statement "window film won't make much of a difference" is simply not correct. Even if you have low-E windows, they most likely are not stopping much of the summer heat from entering your home. If you want to see film in action, call up a local professional and have a sample put up on a window in your home. Stand next to it and feel the difference. There are many thousands of happy customers across the world who are saving money, enjoying the comfort and clear view of window film. Blackout shades work great when they are closed, just a bit tough to see through.

If you don't care for the view or natural light, your best bet is to remove the window, brick and insulate the open space for maximum efficiency. Not something I would recommend but I've seen it done.

Good films will be rated by the NFRC, the same group that provides new window ratings. Professionals can be found at

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