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Taylor Swift Reportedly Buys Oceanfront Manse in Rhode Island

Apr 29th 2013 7:27PM Please let me know what church you attend so I can be sure to never go there. You people are too judgmental and critical for me.

Moscow On The Hudson: The Pains Of Getting A Russian Visa

Jul 20th 2012 7:25PM The American government needs to get a clue from Russia and stop letting all these illegals into this country. You have to have a Visa to stay in Russia. That is how it should be here. Most people here are too stupid to see what a mess our government is making and allowing to happen.

Bubba Watson's N.C. Lake House for Sale

Apr 12th 2012 6:53PM Sounds like he made enough money to move out of that awful place called Lexington NC.

California woman arrested in nail-painting incident on Southwest flight

Mar 10th 2012 10:44PM I wouldn't want her painting her nails on my airplane either. What if she spills the polish, the carpet and or seat would be ruined. The flight attendants ask her to stop doing it and she kept on. She got what she deserved.

Video of the day: flying rhinos in South Africa

Dec 31st 2011 12:28PM Sounds like a good plan to me,"save the animals and let the people die.'' Animals have just as much right as people do to live on this planet, animals are not the ones destroying the planet, people are. So let the people die and save the animals.

Beyonce's Big Spending Spree

Jul 14th 2011 8:32PM You are not fooling anyone by impersonating a human being.

Lindsay Lohan Shoots Commercial While on House Arrest

Jun 21st 2011 7:04PM I love the way Lindsay always pisses off the AOL losers! You go Lindsay!


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