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The Word 'Retard': Stop Using It

Mar 6th 2011 5:06PM I totally agree that the use of words without thinking of how they could affect others is a HUGE problem. For instance when people call me a "jackass" and there are donkey's present, I feel certain that those poor beasts take must feel a great wrong has been done in their being inconsiderately lumped into a group of humans such as myself.

Get a clue you frikin R-Tards.

Friends: CBS Can Beg, Charlie Is 'Never' Coming Back

Feb 25th 2011 3:58PM aw, phooey...

This so he's off, so what? The network will simply continue to play re-run after re-run of this s__t show starring this s__t actor over this s__t network ad nauseam until people simply can't stand it any longer. Then we'll have someone and something new to bi_ch about. Yay us!

EZ Cracker Review: It's all that it's cracked up to be .... and more

Oct 6th 2010 7:16PM BTW, Musicka... It is recommended that if you are to boil eggs that you use eggs that are a few days old. Why? Really fresh eggs don't peel well.

EZ Cracker Review: It's all that it's cracked up to be .... and more

Oct 6th 2010 7:14PM Hey, Emily... Guess what? Yup, I have arthritis and seriously, I would have more problem holding that cumbersome kitchen joke than simply striking an egg against a hard surface. Do you feel more enlightened now you twit?

EZ Cracker Review: It's all that it's cracked up to be .... and more

Oct 6th 2010 7:11PM OMG... are there really so many people that can't simply crack an egg that a company is successfully marketing a device that cracks eggs for them. Seriously, if you require this device, you really need to stay out of the kitchen.

Dog Breed Myths: Can You Separate Fact From Fiction?

Sep 17th 2010 6:52PM FYI, Ben... (not that I own Staffordshire Terriers, aka Pit Bulls) Until the late 40's the Staffordshire Terrier was one of the "top" family dogs in the nation. Petey from the Little Rascal's, and Nipper, the RCA Victor Mascot as an example. Not only are these dogs amazing with children and families, their disposition by nature is very pleasant. Couple that with easy to train, and you have a great dog.

As to your complaint of Pit's mangling and killing people, look at the stats, Pit Bulls came in behind Labrador's, Akita's, Boxer's, German Shepherd's, Saint Bernard's, and just about all mixed breeds. As with any dog that is considered a working dog, a Pit Bull is going to be prone to aggressive behavior, and that behavior is in direct relation to the way that they have been raised and trained. So before you buy your cute Boxer (34 children attacked, 34 deaths), or Jack Russel Terrier, a cute SMALL DOG (11 children attacked, 9 deaths), or Saint Bernard (65 children attacked, 43 deaths), etc... Remember that your Pit Bull (7 children attacked, 8 deaths) can be every bit a part of your family as any other dog. Let's just thank God that little dogs don't have the jaw strength of a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard (by the way, Pit Bulls don't have the greatest jaw power, not by a long-shot, that's a myth).

In closing: First - learn to spell, Second - get your facts straight before you make words fall out of your pie-hole, you moron.

Dog Breed Myths: Can You Separate Fact From Fiction?

Sep 17th 2010 6:27PM uh... So then what you're saying is, my 45-lb Aussie that lived 17-years was in actuality 187-years old in Dog life, and my Shepherd/Malamute that came in at 150-pounds that lived 17-years as well would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-years old in dog life? hmmm... I have a feeling that someone, somewhere got their numbers crossed up or something. Or maybe dog life is simply amazing!

I wonder if dogs ever ask one another how old their person is in dog years?

Put In Your Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Sep 11th 2010 3:34PM OMG, what an awful installation, not to mention a horrendous choice of color and materials. These segments should be titled, "How To Decrease Property Values".

I dunno, maybe I was the only one that noticed the inconsistencies in grout lines, tile set, and grout color. But in Eric's defense, a tile saw is a great way to cut tile, however with straight cuts on ceramic tile a scoring cutter will "always" leave a cleaner edge, fyi.

Oh well, thanks Eric for giving me something to gripe about.

'Real Housewife' Danielle Staub Heats Up Morning Television With Sexy Dance Remix

Aug 25th 2010 3:44PM I think that I threw up in my mouth a little...

Dr. Laura Creates Controversy

Aug 13th 2010 4:39PM btw... this woman's doctorate in physiology with a thesis on "Effects of Insulin on 3-0-Methylglucose Transport in Isolated Rat Adipocytes", certainly qualifies her as a Dr. of Psychology, don't ya think? ROFL, she's a hack


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