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DIY Coolness: A Hot Tub in the Living Room? That's How Matthew Cole Rolls

Sep 27th 2012 10:58AM I think this is fabulous! Married or single: For anyone who has joint pains, this would be a great treat to not have to fill up the bathtub just for a 10 minute soak. Many people can't do this because they have a basement. :-(
I'm just wondering how they drain it or refill.

10 Worst Foods for Your Stomach

Mar 24th 2011 8:06AM Best diet to avoid everything: The Starvation Diet...

School Bans Smoking for Teachers, But Not for Students

Oct 7th 2009 9:48AM oops: their policy...not they're...(it's early)

School Bans Smoking for Teachers, But Not for Students

Oct 7th 2009 9:45AM I'd be praising the move to have teachers be non-smoking, and fighting to have the move be a part of a universal non-smoking campus. They're policy is ridiculous in my book!
(Kids (and me) hate when teachers come back from smoking breaks...the smoke wake stinks, and their breath is worse-and teachers do talk to kids one on one...)

Did the Girl Scouts Need a Makeover?

May 4th 2009 7:54PM Girl Scouts was also wonderful for me. I resent the snideness of "preparing me for wifedom". WHAT GS PREPARED US FOR WAS LIFEDOM. SKILLS ALL OF US NEEDTO LIVE ON OUR OWN, WHETHER WE ARE MARRIED OR NOT: cooking, cleaning, ironing, mending, organizing a group to accomplish a goal, and caring for others. I also learned my horsemanship, how to canoe, camping skills, how to lash, shoot a gun and a bow and arrow and use a knife, ax and saw. We worked with handicapped Scouts, and painted a day care center. I met new girls at camps and older troops, and penpaled (the 'old-fashioned' equivalent to emailing,etc). This was back in the 60's and early 70's. I still thank my former leaders when I see them!!
GS made me able to have great fun in SLU's outdoor club when I was in College. GS made my 'the Return to Nature and the Self" Biology and English course offering (on site in a variety of ecosystems in Mo.)a treat for me. GS enabled me to have fun with friends camping when I was in my 20's. After marriage, it made our family campouts doable, with me able to carry my weight, instead of looking on while others did for me. I also taught my husband, and later my kids and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to make a great campfire. I have also passed on many a Girl Scout camp song to my kids, Scouts, and students. GS has made me a better, more fun, teacher! I had assets from being a Girl Scout that I have been proud to "pass on" by spending my time as GS troop camper, troop organizer, troop leader, songster, trailblazer, as well as Boy Scout Tiger Cub Coach, Asst. Pack Leader, and committee member. (I still love the skits we passed back and forth from GS to BS or vice-versa!)
Every troop is different, depending on the taste of the leaders and girls. My niece's'troop ( the largest in the St. L area) loved to sing and camp. .And all the GS at their school -and many other girls we know who are not Scouts-still love to do crafts of all sorts.
I am PROUD to be a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts, and have bemoaned the years when those "wifedom" skills were deemphasized, if not ignored, because they are needed for LIFE. By the way, many of those skills were also included in Family Life type achievements for the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts...and they are certainly not promoting their boys to just be good wives. ...

Moviefone Unleashes First 'Star Trek' Photo!!!

Jan 23rd 2008 11:45PM John, your ideas are good. Having just finished I AM SPOCK, by Leonard Nimoy, I find it interesting to pick up this thread about a new movie. He mentioned something like this was peddled for a previous ST movie, but Paramount had turned it down.
As he's been pretty picky about his involvement in ST productions (demanding quality and a REASON for Spock being in it--not just billing apppeal) I will trust that this might just turn out to be ok.
I have yet to delve deeper and see who's directing--and can only hope that the writer's strike won't negatively affect this, as most of the previous ST movies used re-writing as deemed necesary for improving what works and how. I for one, am looking forward to this.
As a former member of the Star Trek Association for Revival (STAR) when I was in high school over 30 years ago, I am tickled to tell my worked!

16 basic products (and tools) you need to clean everything in your house

Oct 27th 2007 2:55PM Dishwashing liquid is horrible for windows. However, vinegar is great.
(You can use old newspapers instead of paper towels to conserve your budget and have no lint.)

Crocs are a Crock

Jul 11th 2007 11:03PM Parents: please have your kids leave the crocs at home when you send them to school. Tennis shoes are much more practical when running around on the blacktop and in the playground mulch.

Crocs are a Crock

Jul 11th 2007 10:50PM You imply flip flops are ok for restaurants...flip flops are for the beach as crocs are garening shoes!

Trick Doubles Your Gas Mileage?

May 31st 2007 4:57PM Gas adatives for "cleaning" do help with gas mileage on a long trip..a tip from my Auto Zone employee that we took. Does that contain acetone? And is that a safer way to add something since its meant to be in there?--and with proper proportions already figured out by experts.


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